A Tribute to the Warmly Autumn-Colored Chrysanthemum Vienna Copper

When a fluffy flower would represent a hug

By: THURSD. | 04-11-2020 | 2 min read
A fashionable flower to give your bouquet just that little more edge. Isn't that what every florist is looking for? Why not look for that edge in the copper-colored Autumn queen; the Chrysanthemum Vienna Copper? A Brown/Cream disbudded and single-headed cut flower. But let's skip the formalities and go find out what this fluffy flower is all about and throw some inspirational images at you in the meantime. A Tribute to the autumn warmly colored Chrysanthemum Vienna Copper - on thursd - quote floret flower farm about mums

Chrysanthemum Vienna Copper

Botanic Art - Floral & Event Design - vienna copper chrysanthemum on black - A Tribute to Chrysanthemum Vienna Copper on thursd

Quite the Character

Vienna Copper distinguishes itself by the unique color, large format, and incurved ribbons. Although the copper-colored Vienna chrysanthemum is a fairly new variety in the fluffy chrysanthemums, the genes of the plant are much older. This variety is available from August to mid-November and has only been around for a few years. The Vienna is characterized by its enormous bulb. The shape of the petals that grow around the bulb makes it a specialty product that is ideally suited for the higher segment flower shops.
carolavansanten_ - vienna copper close up - A Tribute to Chrysanthemum Vienna Copper on thursd Image credit Carola van Santen
[video width="720" height="720" mp4=""][/video] Timelapse credit Belysad florist, Minsk
floristheidimikkonen_ A Tribute to Chrysanthemum Vienna Copper - two chrysanthemums - on thursd Image credits Heidi Mikkonen
honestwoman.co_- A Tribute to Chrysanthemum Vienna Copper - single flower Image credit Honest Woman

Florists Rediscover 'Mums'

These specific 'mums' (a four-letter word used by florists to describe the flower sort) are a serious head-turner in your not-so-average flower shop. These following images of floral designers worldwide spread the love and interest in this fussy flower that is about to splash of your screen. But first, a thought by Floret Flower Farm on chrysanthemums and how she believes that the chrysanthemum is seriously rediscovered:
"Never in my wildest dreams would I have equated such beauty and uniqueness with the word chrysanthemum."
rogueflowers_A Tribute to Chrysanthemum Vienna Copper - bouquet- on thursd Image credit Rogue Flowers
, Edinburgh
"When autumn sneaks up behind you 🍂 💫 featuring these rather special ‘Vienna Copper’ Chrysanthemums we have slightly fallen in love with 💓"
katyagrutskaya_ - holding vienna copper chrysanthemum - a tribute to - on thursd Image credit Katya Grutskaya
, Kaliningrad
akmenita - A Tribute to Chrysanthemum Vienna Copper -arms full - on thursd Image credit Akmenita
, Minsk
wildflowers_and_wodka_- vienna copper chrysanthemum in design - A Tribute to Chrysanthemum Vienna Copper on thursd Image credit Wildflowers and wodka
, Antwerp
barefootfarmflowers_ vienna copper chrysanthemum bunch - A Tribute to Chrysanthemum Vienna Copper on thursd Image credit Barefoot Farmflowers
, Clatskanie

Where To Buy the Chrysanthemum Vienna Copper?

What its grower, Arcadia Chrysanthen, has to say about the popular Vienna Copper:
“This Chrysanthemum is so special because of the curled leaves that form the sphere. It is a chrysanthemum in its original shape, a chrysanthemum like a chrysanthemum should be. The color of the "Copper" is really a very nice warm autumn color. That makes the product extra suitable for this season." - Ronald from Arcadia in conversation with Florapodium.
A Tribute to Chrysanthemum Vienna Copper - vienna copper decorum arcadia Arcadia Chrysanten is a member of Decorum


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