Award Winning Innovations in the Spotlight - 5 Categories 5 Winners

This Oscar-worthy award goes to the best market introduction in the category of cut flowers,  green house plants, concepts, flowering house plants and garden plants.

By: THURSD. | 15-12-2021 | 4 min read
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5 Categories 5 winners. This award brings innovations into the spotlight. Oscar-worthy as it is, the award goes to the best market introduction in the category of cut flowers,  green house plants, concepts, flowering house plants and garden plants. And you helped determine who takes off with one of these prizes. 

5 Categories 5 Winners

The winners of the Glazen Tulp Award 2022 are known! There are winners in five different categories. Unfortunately no live award ceremony this year, but online. This did not make the surprise for the winners any less. We surprised the winners with a camera, confetti, music, cake, red carpet, a certificate and of course a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  You can see how the winners reacted to the prize in the videos. We also visited the numbers two and three, whose final results are also worthy of congratulations.

Cut Flowers

With their Gerbera Smeagol, Holstein Flowers from De Lier is the winner of the Glazen Tulp Award in the Cut Flowers category! The Gerbera Smeagol is a unique appearance. A special twist of nature, created in the selection greenhouse of Holstein Flowers. Smeagol is characterized by its hard, slightly curled petals that remind you of the appearance of an artichoke or a cactus but with a bright purple/pink wreath in the center. The hard, sand-colored petals give the gerbera a special vintage look. And the dark center provides nice color contrast. This gerbera offers many new application possibilities. Moreover, Smeagol has a very long vase life and can be kept for up to three weeks. Second place: Sanguisorba officinalis "Red Dream"®- BD Flowers by Jan Star from Rijnsburg Third place: Clematis Amazing Vienna - Marginpar from Aalsmeer

Green Houseplants

Streptocarpus ''pretty turtle'' 'must have' is the winning plant in the category Green Houseplants. J&P Ten Have Maasland & Preesman BV from Strijen, congratulations on this wonderful prize! The Streptocarpus Pretty Turtle is a beautiful strong compact plant. The plant owes its name 'Pretty Turtle' to its particularly beautiful leaves, which look like the shell of a turtle. The leaves are slightly serrated and have a fleshy texture, like that of a succulent. The colors of Streptocarpus Pretty Turtle flow into each other. All these special characteristics make the Streptocarpus Pretty Turtle a real eye-catcher and its high ornamental value adds to the atmosphere in your home. Second place: Spathiphyllum Diamond - Crown Jewels Gloriosa from Nootdorp Third place: Philodendron verrucosum Incensi - Van der Arend Tropical from Naaldwijk


Marimo (trade name Chladophlora) is a winner! Esperit Elements from 's Gravenzande is the proud Glazen Tulp winner in the Concepts category. The green balls look like moss but are actually a type of green algae. They can only be found in a few places in the world. And the natural phenomenon is very rare. Anyone looking for them should go to the bottom of deep lakes. The current keeps each ball perfectly round. Different sizes and shapes of glass with stones and per glass a number of marimo balls. Second place: Dubai - VDE Plant from Woubrugge Third place: ROOTLESS succulent - Aloe Demi from Bleiswijk

Flowering Houseplants

Tillandsia Capitata of Plant Company from Bergschenhoek receives the Glazen Tulp Award in the category Flowering Houseplants. This plant is a species in the genus tillandsia belonging to the Bromelia family. It is native to Mexico, Honduras, Cuba and the Dominican Republic, among other places. Tillandsia capitata actually comes in many colors and varieties and as a result, can be used in a wide range of situations. Because it is epiphytic by nature, it does not need roots to grow. This plant can therefore also be used as a so-called air plant. As an air plant, the plant also has an ornamental value because it is available in many color shades, from green to dark red and also with soft grey leaves that turn pink. This makes it a very easy and rewarding houseplant to look after. This variety is especially distinctive for its dark leaf color that changes to a beautiful bright orange in the bracts. This splendour will only get brighter in colder conditions and lots of light. When you plant it outside after blooming, the bright orange color will return because of the c So it's a real treat. Second place: Phalaenopsis Odorion - Sion Young Plants bv from De Lier, Netherlands Third place: Rhododendron Pink Spider - Kwekerij Leybaert from Moerbeke (Belgium)

Last One From 5 Categories 5 Winners - Garden Plants

Delphinium Delgenius Serie of Van Woudenberg Tuinplanten from Zevenhuizen wins the Glazen Tulp Award in the category Garden Plants. The Delphinium Delgenius is remarkably branching and richly flowering. Secondly, it also flowers on the side shoots and therefore flowers much longer. Besides, it's compact and sturdy, heat tolerant, does not turn yellow, does not break in the garden or in the pot, is very winter hardy, and can be supplied with flowers from spring to autumn. In short: a topper! Second place: Thunbergia battiscombei - AltaNova from Zevenhuizen, the Netherlands Third place: Panicum virgatum 'Oxblood Autumn' - JP v. Straalen jr. of Luttelgeest, The Netherlands



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