Azuma Makoto's Newest Monumental Botanical Sculpture 'MEXX' Is Making Mexican Architecture Boom

On your next visit to Tulum, make sure to visit MEXX, one of the most attractive plant interior designs.

By: THURSD. | 31-08-2022 | 2 min read
Botanical sculpture MEXX by Azuma Makoto in Tulum header on Thursd

A lush Mexican jungle in the heart of the Yucatan Peninsula has been created, and this time Azuma Makoto's newest monumental botanical sculpture 'MEXX' will leave you speechless. Your eyes won't believe what they're about to see.

Azuma Makoto's Newest Monumental Botanical Sculpture MEXX

Azuma Makoto's largest botanical sculpture MEXX marks his largest work to date, and people cannot find the words to describe this wonder of plants. The botanical sculpture MEXX is perched and immersed within the Mexican jungle located exactly at the Azulik Uh May/ SFER IK arts center.

What do we have to say about it? Stunning, breathtaking, and like nothing we've ever seen before, literally.


Azuma Makoto's Newest Monumental Botanical Sculpture MEXX


The monumental botanical sculpture MEXX is the latest floral installation that has caused complete astonishment and a booming sensation.

The Surrounding Mexican Wilderness as a Great Inspirational Source

Azuma Makoto's monumental botanical sculpture was created in response to the museum’s unique biophilic design and the surrounding wilderness.




The impressive exuberant jungle is made from locally-sourced materials similar to those involved in the SFER IK arts center construction. For this specific monumental botanical sculpture by Azuma Makoto, vines, concrete, and fiberglass were used as the main source, besides also incorporating an enormous array of live indigenous flowers.


Initial sketch of botanical sculpture MEXX on Thursd


Azuma Makoto's Botanical Sculpture MEXX Is Composed Of Only Natural Resources

Because MEXX is composed of all-natural materials, when visiting Azulik Uh May or SFER IK, you'll instantly be able to feel the power of nature with all your senses and understand that humanity is just one with the natural environment according to Makoto.


Botanical sculpture MEXX invades the Yucatan Peninsula on Thursd


The incredible botanical sculpture will continuously evolve as the plants and flowers bloom and grow and then retreat as they wilt over time, simulating our natural lifecycle.

MEXX Incorporates the Japanese Concept of 'Ma'

Incorporating the Japanese concept of 'Ma' (negative space), this luscious work of art serves both as a performance and an artifact. The installation fills in the space of SFER IK’s great architecture and its natural elements, questioning whether an artificial ecosystem can achieve symbiosis and harmonize with nature.


Botanical sculpture MEXX is filled with vines and lush flowers and plants on Thursd


Azuma Makoto wanted to attain different expressions of beauty using flowers and plants and indisputably, he has accomplished it.

Botanical Exhibition MEXX

For all of those plant amateurs, crazy about indoor and outdoor jungles in the heart of Mexican cities, this remarkable exhibition will run until September 7, 2022. Azuma Makoto shares that the installation will bloom into the museum space, blurring the line between man-made and natural.


_MEXX is the newest project in Azulik Uh May on Thursd


All photos by Azuma Makoto.



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