Begonia Belove Lets You Choose - Indoor or Outdoor

What's your pleasure? Anything goes for these beautiful rich-flowering plants, just as long as you are fully enjoying your spring and summertime.

By: THURSD. | 12-04-2022 | 3 min read
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Begonia Belove Lets You Chose - Indoor or Outdoor header - on Thursd

Some plants make life so easy! The Begonia Belove series is definitely in this category. No worries about where to put them; a patio or garden container is fine, but if you'd rather enjoy them inside, they are happy to be there as well. What's your pleasure?

Begonia Belove

Breeder Koppe Begonia has developed a range of fresh colors that will determine the look of your spring and summer. Four of these colors are grown by top Decorum grower J&P Ten Have. The brothers Jos and Peter ten Have are the owners of this flowering plant nursery with over 75 years of history, located close to the large Naaldwijk auction of Royal FloraHolland. Their begonias are recognized worldwide because both the nursery J&P Ten Have and the Decorum brand make quality and environment top priorities. 


Decorum Begonia Belove Yellow - on Thursd


Sepals Instead of Petals

All four have the same characteristics; after all, they're of the same origin. Around a small yellow heart grow sepals in various colors, such as cherry, red, pink, and yellow. Yes, begonias have sepals, no petals like other flowers and plants. Sepals are usually the supportive leaves to protect an unopened flower. However, since begonias lack petals when blooming, the sepals seamlessly take over this role and even colorize, which they usually don't.

Indoors & Outdoors

These plants love to be in a light spot indoors or outdoors. Just protect them a little from constant full sunlight, and give them plenty of water. No surprise for an experienced gardener, knowing that the begonia finds its origins in the rainforests of Asia, Africa, and the Americas. They love to be especially in tropical areas where there is lots of light and high humidity.

Tip from grower J&P Ten Have: To give the plant even more ornamental value, it is nice to plant several Belove begonias in a large ornamental pot, by color as a frivolous mix.


Decorum Begonia Belove Peach - on Thursd


1. Begonia Belove Red

The full fierce red color of Begonia Belove Red sparkles in the light. This flowering plant opens beautifully in a pot or in a flower bed.


Begonia Belove Red Plant on Thursd header
Begonia Belove Red


2. Begonia Belove Peach

This must be the most romantic Belove variety. Begonia Belove Peach is a soft pastel-colored beauty. A high ornamental value that requires only little effort. Just add water.


Begonia Belove Peach Plant on Thursd header
Begonia Belove Peach


3. Begonia Belove Pink

This must be the most romantic Belove variety. Begonia Belove Pink cheers up your garden, patio, or living room with its fresh pink colors.


Begonia Belove Pink Plant on Thursd header
Begonia Belove Pink


4. Begonia Belove Yellow

Just in time for Easter, Begonia Belove Yellow arrives on the market around week 14. But yellow is not just the color for Easter, it's also the perfect summer color, like a garden full of sunshine. Or a sunny indoor feeling, if you like. This versatile flowering plant knows exactly what to do to make you smile.


Begonia Belove Yellow Plant on Thursd header
Begonia Belove Yellow



The Begonia Belove is now available at Decorum, and will be until mid-October.


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