Casa De Perrin - Luxury Tablescaping With Flowers

Founders Diana and Josh Perrin blend their life passion along with outstandingly gorgeous flowers to create unique experiences for their customers.

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Tablecenters with flowers by Casa de Perrin

Founded by Diana and Josh Perrin in 2012, Casa de Perrin emerged from a passion for beauty, design, and hospitality. Drawing inspiration from their travels around the globe, the Perrins sought to create a brand that celebrated the art of luxury table setting — a cornerstone of gracious entertaining that often sets the tone for memorable gatherings. The couple shares their over-the-top tablescape designs and how they've made flowers take the main stage on every table they place their hands on.

Casa de Perrin - Tablescape Curation and Designs With Flowers

It all comes to a pretty simple story of love when a boy meets a girl and they fall in love, nurturing a relationship comprised of mutual interests surrounding food and art, travel, love for their families, and the unique emotional attachment to various items that had been passed down to them throughout the years. They create a shared aesthetic by incorporating each other's preferred art forms and professions — Josh, an architectural photographer, and Diana, a food/prop stylist — into nearly every aspect of their daily lives.


Diana and Josh Perrin
Diana and Josh Perrin, owners of 'Casa de Perrin'


Casa de Perrin, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, with an immense amount of passion, dedication, and a creative eye for detail, has emerged as the country's leading luxury tabletop curation and design brand. Diana and Josh have curated a vast collection of highly edited inventory ranging from specific eras of vintage china, flatware, and glassware to the finest and most unique tabletop adornments they've designed and commissioned exclusively for their needs, both locally and internationally.


Casa de Perrin tablescaping with flowers
Vintage China plus flowers make Casa de Perrin one of the most renowned tablescaping businesses in the United States


Their aesthetic is both perpetual and unexpected, and their acquisitions have helped to reshape an industry that is truly about setting the table. But hold on... it's not the tabletop pieces that take the main stage in their work. When you scroll through their Instagram account, you will instantly notice the aesthetic of their pictures as being the same type of format (showing tablescapes) but with the addition of striking flower arrangements that complement the table the best way. There's no good tablescape without the presence of flowers!


Yellow vintage China and yellow florals to decorate table


Ways in Which Casa de Perrin Uses Flowers for Table Decorations

Casa de Perrin, the skilled tablescape business based in Los Angeles, incorporates flowers into their table creations with precision, enhancing the overall aesthetic of their creations and decorative purposes. Here's how the team behind the business, especially the founders, utilizes flowers in their designs:

Flowers often take center stage as the focal point of Casa de Perrin's tablescapes basically as center elements. Diana and Josh select and arrange blooms to create striking centerpieces that serve as visual anchors, setting the tone for the entire table setting. Additionally, Casa de Perrin integrates seasonal flowers into their designs, reflecting the colors and textures of the changing seasons. Whether it's spring blossoms, summer blooms, or autumn foliage, they curate floral arrangements that capture memories of each season, adding depth to their tablescapes.


Contrasting tones in tablescape by Casa de Perrin
Contrasting tones in a table design featuring brilliant fuchsia roses, created by Casa de Perrin


Flowers are chosen to complement the color palette and theme of the event, creating cohesive compositions. Casa de Perrin considers factors such as the color of the table linens, dinnerware, and surrounding decor to ensure that the floral arrangements blend accordingly with the overall design scheme. Nevertheless, to add visual interest, Casa de Perrin incorporates a variety of flowers with different shapes, sizes, and textures. They skillfully combine florals with lush foliage, incorporating elements such as berries, branches, and grasses to create dynamic arrangements.



Last but not least, the Los Angeles business collaborates closely with clients to understand their preferences, tailoring floral arrangements to suit the specific theme and atmosphere of the event. Whether it's a wedding, gala, or dinner party, they craft bespoke floral designs that reflect the unique personality of each client.

Diana Perrin's Source of Inspiration

When it comes to Diana, she is inspired by nature, fashion, art, texture, and color. Sometimes, the designer is inspired by a watercolor Monet or a California cotton candy sunset (which will result in an ombre of vintage-colored glassware on a bar at the moment of creation). Sometimes it's as simple as choosing one piece that speaks to her the most, such as a vintage plate, and then basing the rest of the table decor on colors and textures that complement and best speak to that one piece.


Combination of green and pink china and flowers by Casa de Perrin


More of the Story Behind the Creation of Casa de Perrin by Diana and Josh Perrin

The Casa de Perrin collection began to take shape during the couple's wedding planning process, long before Diana and Josh knew they wanted to start a business together. Diana was determined to decorate their tables with enough mismatched antique silver flatware for their five-course dinner reception, so they spent the majority of their 13-month engagement visiting flea markets, estate sales, and antique malls until they had gathered enough pieces.

They pooled previously collected vintage rugs from Josh's travels and time spent living in Eastern Europe, as well as other heirloom pieces they'd seek out together, to give them new life and purpose. On a complete whim and leap of faith, they decided at that moment they would start a rental company based on their personal styles what was currently lacking in the event rental market, and ultimately, what had prompted their collecting of these pieces in the first place.



When it came to naming their new business, it was an obvious choice. Josh's parents were married in 1970, and a close friend gave them French bistro plates with the inscription 'La Casa de Perrin' on the top. After using them throughout Josh's childhood, they were passed down to him and became the plates Josh and Diana used every day when they moved in. It only seemed fitting that they would name their company after the heirloom 'House of Perrin' plates that had stood the test of time for so many years and that Diana and Josh had grown to adore.


An all pink floral creation for a table by Casa de Perrin


A fabulous story for a fabulous business, wouldn't you say? To take a peek at more of their creative endeavors, visit Casa de Perrin's Instagram account.


Photos by @casadeperrin.


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