Chrysanthemum Cruella Makes Its Debut

A new disbud chrysanthemum surprising you with its unique shape and incredible flowers.

By: THURSD. | 07-10-2021 | 2 min read

Are you ready for something completely different? The breeders of Royal Van Zanten have developed a true novelty in the field of disbudded chrysanthemums. The name chrysanthemum Cruella refers without a doubt to the cruel lady Cruella DeVil in the movie 101 Dalmatians. Although this orange autumn stunner looks quite dangerous, its spikes are soft and quite harmless.

Quirky Chrysanthemum Cruella

Cruella characterizes herself with her quirky, amazing flower shape. This effect is further enhanced by the bright orange color that perfectly matches the latest trends. A full disbudded chrysanthemum with a long vase life and intriguing character of the contrasting color play between fresh orange and dark green leaves. Chrysanthemum Cruella Makes Her Debut The year-round availability of Cruella opens a world of possibilities to use her for various occasions. Add an extra dimension of color and contrast to bouquets or arrangements or let her shine in a mono bouquet. Her iconic orange color is easily associated with autumn but thinks again: her distinctive color matches every season. A true eye-catcher with great potential. The name Cruella underlines the unique character of this new disbudded chrysanthemum even more. In other words: this flower will not be ignored.

Grower Arcadia

Breeder Royal Van Zanten and Decorum grower Arcadia proudly introduce the unique disbud chrysanthemum Cruella. Arcadia, a chrysanthemum grower who has earned its stripes through the years, stands for the perfect quality of this novelty. Their eye for quality and specialism in cultivation and marketing makes Arcadia a valuable member of Decorum. With the addition of Cruella, Arcadia makes their extensive range of year-round disbudded chrysanthemums even more complete. Beauty, ornamental value, and the many uses are difficult to put into words. The better option is to simply buy Cruella and experience it for yourself. Once you’ve seen it, you’ll immediately be won over. Large orange flowers reveal bizarrely shaped petals: it’s Cruella! Chrysanthemum Cruella Makes Her Debut


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