The Exquisite Beauty of Ranunculus Butterfly Series From Coloríginz

A unique variety due to its single formed flowers and because the stems can carry numerous flowers each.

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Ranunculus Butterfly™ Series From Grower Monarch Flowers for Coloríginz

When it comes to captivating floral beauty, up there among the very exquisite flowers is the ranunculus. This stunning bloom is renowned for its delicate rosette of curling, frilly petals, and an array of beautiful colors. Although these flowers may, almost, have some similar characteristics to peonies, they are, indeed, unique and have specific qualities of their own, making them just as exquisite as they are.

The Ranunculus Butterfly™ series from 's-Gravenzande-based grower Monarch Flowers, is an even more exceptional ranunculus breed that stands in a league of its own. The series is supplied by Coloríginz, an importer of special flowers, beautiful roses, and fresh foliage from across the world. Ranunculus Butterfly™ series flowers are not just unique but have, also, gained international acclamation for their perfect qualities. 

The Enchanting Ranunculus Butterfly™ Series

Known for being a leading breeder of ranunculus, AYA Engei Co., Ltd. has its nursery situated in Miyazaki, southern Japan. The nursery is the breeder of the remarkable ranunculus blooms grown by Monarch Flowers.


Ranunculus Butterfly™ series from grower Monarch Flowers for Coloríginz
Ranunculus Butterfly™ Thiva®


The Ranunculus Butterfly™ series, one of the ranunculus flower varieties cultivated by Monarch Flowers, is a showcase of the marvelousness of nature, as well as the enthusiasm of the growers. These flowers, belonging to the buttercup family, are renowned for their spectacular beauty and delicate charm; the kind of charm that attracted Coloríginz, a brand known to have an eye for the most exclusive and quality floral products.

With their multi-branched stems and open centers, these flowers have so many perfect qualities, radiate elegance, and possess a kind of panache that makes them a popular choice for floral enthusiasts and professional designs. 


Ranunculus Butterfly™ series from grower Monarch Flowers for Coloríginz
Ranunculus Butterfly™ Phosphorus® and Ranunculus Butterfly™ Hestia® 
Photo by @green_works_international


Such qualities played a role in instituting the partnership between Coloríginz, whose state-of-the-art technology and modern shipping techniques enable the delivery of fresh flowers and foliage directly from the source to customers, and Monarch Flowers, a grower whose ranunculus varieties are all MPS-A+ certified.

Plus, with varieties like the Ranunculus Butterfly™ Ariadne®, Ranunculus Butterfly™ Artemis®, Ranunculus Butterfly™ Charis®, Ranunculus Butterfly™ Dione®, Ranunculus Butterfly™ Eris®, Ranunculus Butterfly™ Europe®, Ranunculus Butterfly™ Graces®, Ranunculus Butterfly™ Thiva®, Ranunculus Butterfly™ Musa®, Ranunculus Butterfly™ Melissa®, as well as numerous others, you, definitely, would be spoiled for choice when it comes to the Ranunculus Butterfly™.


Ranunculus Butterfly™ series from grower Monarch Flowers for Coloríginz
Floral designer Katya Hutter among blooms from the Ranunculus Butterfly™ series at Monarch Flowers


What Are the Exquisite Qualities of Ranunculus Butterfly™?

One of the defining characteristics of the Ranunculus Butterfly™ series is the natural variation in tone put on display by each bloom. This ombre quality of the flower’s petals, they say, ensures that hardly are two of their blooms quite exactly alike. The colorful tonal variation, therefore, creates a variable display of colors that capture the imagination. Also, from the glittery sheen of the petals to the mesmerizing hues, these flowers possess an allure that is quite hard to resist.

Furthermore, the variety is essentially unique due to its single-formed flowers and because the stems can carry seven to fifteen flowers each. A closer look reveals that the flower petals have a tiny layer of wax that gives them a somewhat glistening appearance. This waxy layer also gives them a long vase life, making the Ranunculus Butterfly™ series a notable cut flower. 


Ranunculus Butterfly™ series from grower Monarch Flowers for Coloríginz
Gert-Jan Jungerius


Despite their delicate appearance, these blooms are, likewise, remarkably sturdy; a quality that allows them to grace floral arrangements and bouquets for an extended period. Even more, their ability to retain their beauty and freshness makes them a favorite choice for special occasions such as weddings, and in other high-end floral designs.

And that’s not all! The Ranunculus Butterfly™ series, which is exclusively available at Coloríginz, also, has a high ornamental value, possesses long non-hollow stems with many flowers per stalk, has bright colors, possesses a long blooming time, and has minimal disease-susceptibility.


Ranunculus Butterfly™ series from grower Monarch Flowers for Coloríginz
Photo by Coloríginz


It, therefore, wouldn’t come as a surprise that these flowers, other than being grown in the Netherlands, are also available from week one to week 22 from Italy, and similarly produced in Kenya (as of April), have won several ‘Glazen Tulip Award’ nominee awards.

In 2019, for instance, the Ranunculus Butterfly™ Ariadne® was honored with the well-regarded Dutch Tulip Award, for its exceptional quality and allure, a recognition that solidified the Ranunculus Butterfly™ series' status as a top-tier flower. This pleasant variety, known for its soft pink color, and whose natural appearance resembles a charming field bouquet, making it a favorite choice for floral arrangements, was nominated in the cut flower category.


Ranunculus Butterfly™ series from grower Monarch Flowers for Coloríginz
Photos by @green_works_international and Coloríginz


Then, in 2021, building on this success, another flower from the Ranunculus Butterfly™ family achieved another accolade. The Ranunculus Butterfly™ Hera® from Monarch Flowers came second in the presentation of the Glass Tulip Award in the category of cut flowers. Moreover, at the 2019 Keukenhof, the Ranunculus Butterfly™ Lycia® earned the first prize in the category 'Special Bulb Cut 2019'.

A Focus on Sustainably-Produced Ranunculus Butterfly™… and Other Flowers

Even as Coloríginz builds cooperation with growers and customers across the world and ensures that it undertakes its activities differently; by being more original and efficient, and advancing more outstanding products, an important element of the enterprise’s success is its investment in sustainably-produced flowers.


Ranunculus Butterfly™ series from grower Monarch Flowers for Coloríginz
Daan Kneppers, director from Green Works International



“We are working continuously alongside our partners, suppliers, and growers to advance our sustainability efforts. Our focus is on improving working conditions, reducing the use of agrochemicals, and lowering CO2 emissions. We put these principles into practice through a transparent production chain. 

Allowing our customers to trace the origin and specifications of each order. This is all part of our active policy aimed at creating a more sustainable production process and maintaining long-lasting, sustainable relationships with our growers, suppliers, and customers.”


Ranunculus Butterfly™ series from grower Monarch Flowers for Coloríginz
Flowers from a ranunculus series grown at Monarch Flowers.
Photo by @coloriginz


For that reason, its Ranunculus Butterfly™ series from Monarch Flowers features cut blooms that are sustainably produced as demonstrated by the latter’s MPS-A+ certification.

Also, at its facilities, Coloríginz goes all-out to make a positive environmental impact, going by its objective to achieve zero waste by separating and recycling, as well as minimalizing the amount of waste generated. The company says it, also, constantly reviews the materials used for its packaging and prefers options that are better for the environment.  

Other photos courtesy of Peter van Delft.


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