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Vreugdenhil Bulbs & Plants is a member of Decorum. Like all other members, this grower is carefully selected with one aim: to grow plants of the highest quality under the brand name of Decorum. Vreugdenhil Bulbs & Plants was established back in 1938 and was at the time one of the first companies cultivating amaryllis. The company is now being run by Jochem Vreugdenhil and specializes in cultivating bulb and corm plants. In the different seasons, 14 products are produced in several pot sizes, from amaryllis to zantedeschia. Vreugdenhil is the market leader in these products and special seasonal products. All of the products with the Decorum label are selected according to set criteria, for example, the same height, a certain number of flowers, and thickness of the plant. Despite the company’s size (16 hectares and around 900 articles), Vreugdenhil is devoted to customized work, for example different themes and innovative specialist products, and the order volume can vary from one tray to several trolleys full. Vreugdenhil is always happy to help its customers. Every day Jochem and his team deliver their loveliest products with the compliments of Decorum.

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Vreugdenhil Bulbs & Plants Vreugdenhil Bulbs & Plants, Monsterseweg 60A, 2691 JJ 's-Gravenzande, Nederland

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