What the Breeder and Growers Say About Mandevilla Diamantina

From the original inventor Lannes & Fils to the current growers, how do they look at this garden plant?

By: THURSD. | 24-04-2023 | 6 min read
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Breeders and growers are the first-line ambassadors of their flowers. They are the first to see the potential in a new variety and make the decision to accept or decline a new variety. You understand that the stop-or-go decision has consequences for the complete horti chain that follows. Breeders are very strict in accepting that one-in-so-many-novelties that will become a success.

This is how the original breeder of the Mandevilla Diamantina® experiences this, added with comments from two fine Diamantina growers.

Lannes & Fils, the Inventor of Mandevilla Diamantina®

Arnaud Lannes is the General Manager of Lannes & Fils and Lannes Group, a third-generation family business. In his role, he coordinates the activities between different companies of the group such as Lannes & Fils in France, New Plants Motril in Spain, and DHMI. Lannes is passionate about his work and loves breeding Dipladenia.

Arnoud Lannes:

"The Dipladenia is the story and the passion of our family so when you can combine work with passion it is difficult to ask for more."

Mandevilla Diamantina® is a plant series that Lannes & Fils invented, and it aligns with the overall vision and mission of the company. The inspiration behind developing the Mandevilla Diamantina® was the potential of the Mandevilla's market, which they believed had enormous possibilities.


Arnaud Lannes Mandevilla Diamantina quote



"At the origin, we thought that the possibilities were huge, especially when you know the capacities of this plant. The development of the Mandevilla Diamantina® was the encounter between my grandfather, Robert Lannes, and Professor Maurice Jay (a plant geneticist) who decided to start together this new breeding adventure. The evolution of the market and the arrival of the first Mandevilla hybrid has been a trigger for us. From that time, we knew that we had to offer something different in the market to be able to stay independent in the future."

So, how has the market responded to the introduction of Mandevilla Diamantina®?


"The market was surprised, especially the year we introduced the full range of varieties plus a new unique color that is Diamantina® Opale Citrine; the first true yellow Mandevilla ever introduced to the market."



Unique and Exceptional

What makes Mandevilla Diamantina® unique and exceptional in its properties and performance?


"As such, all Mandevilla, regardless of their origin, bloom and thrive with a minimum of attention. Diamantina® offers many additional benefits such as (but not limited to) easy branching, stable colors under long sun exposure, and extreme resistance to drought periods, a premium feature in our period of climate change!"

According to Arnoud Lannes, the plant series fits into the outdoor market segment and covers all sub-gardening segments such as balconies, terraces, patios, stand-alone, flower beds, and hanging baskets.

From Lannes & Fils to Florensis

In June 2021, Florensis acquired the Mandevilla breeding program of Lannes & Fils to reach the next scale for the Diamantina® program. The collaboration aimed to expand the product at a worldwide level with all the infrastructures and people needed to manage such a project.


"The goal was to be able to reach the next scale for the Diamantina® program. We thought this program had a lot of potential, and that it was the right time for this program to get support from companies with the capacity to develop the product at a worldwide level with all the infrastructures and people needed to manage such a project. Florensis and Ball Floraplant have the possibility to bring all the capacities of worldwide companies and we offer the experience and the knowledge that has accumulated over time.

The 'family culture' of these two large corporations was also very important to us. The combination of these three elements summarizes the reasons for this fruitful collaboration.

The breeding program is still executed by the same team which has initiated it for more than ten years in the same location, benefiting from exceptional climate conditions. This also allowed the team to develop its technical skills and knowledge, and also to leverage its experience, resulting in a strong competitive advantage. We also maintain a very close collaboration in order to develop the program and not to revolutionize it."


Lannes et Fils Mandevilla Diamantina Red tray


Breeding for the Consumer

The breeding of Mandevilla Diamantina® has always been oriented toward the final consumers, taking into consideration their expectations as users. The Mandevilla Diamantina® series continues to perform in garden conditions, with a good color resistance of the flower, a beautiful size of flowers, a very large range of colors, and a good balance between the flowers and the foliage.

Arnoud Lannes:

"The Mandevilla Diamantina® series continues to perform in garden conditions, with a good color resistance of the flower, a beautiful size of flowers, a very large range of colors, a good balance between the flowers and the foliage, ... The list of advantages is long but I can say one thing: When people try a Mandevilla Diamantina® they will definitively adopt it."



The Growers of Mandevilla Diamantina®

What do the growers of Mandevilla Diamantina® say about their product? They are the ones that need to upscale the production to make the world know, buy, and love this plant.

Bernhard Planten, Netherlands

You might know Nursery Bernhard for its spray roses. But they do a lot more, like Phalaenopsis and garden plants. Bernhard Planten is a sister company that specializes in bedding and tub plants.

Dave de Olde, plant sales:

"The Mandevilla Diamantina® blooms profusely from April to October. It is a delight for the garden. In this photo, you see how beautiful a Mandevilla looks at our nursery's entrance. This picture was taken in September 2022, so after more than half a year of fun!"


Bernhard Planten Mandevilla Diamantina
Mandevilla Diamantina® at Bernhard Planten


Posadas y Domenech, Spain

Posadas y Domenech is a renowned Dipladenia grower based in Spain, with several decades of experience in the horticulture industry. Founded in 2006, the company has become a leading producer and exporter of high-quality Dipladenia plants, which are well-known for their vibrant colors, beautiful foliage, and easy maintenance.


Posadas y Domenech Mandevilla Diamantina
Francisco Posadas


Francisco Posadas, owner:

"The truth is I am a grower. Mandevilla Diamantinas account for 60% of my offer as a producer. I need a profitable product above anything else. So, my main concern is that the Mandevilla varieties are profitable products. With this focus in mind, I can say that the Diamantina varieties available are profitable for bushy formats (like pruned and low plants), being among the best for economic results.

The current availability of cuttings has taken a big leap with the addition of Florensis to the cutting process. This is positive. For me, the best economic results are achieved by a wide acceptance in the market, good development of the crop, and a good ability to resist diseases, especially in the red and pink varieties. Mandevilla Diamantina has those qualities."


Mandevilla Diamantina banner


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