Here’s How Decorum Actualizes the Promise to Deliver Quality Plants and Flowers

Only the very best products from its selected growers carry the Decorum quality label.

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This Is How Decorum Upholds Its Pledge to Supply Premium Plants and Flowers

Decorum, the renowned brand for plants and flowers, backed by the dedicated work of more than fifty Dutch growers who cultivate the most beautiful blooms and greenery daily, thrives on the quality — among other elements — of its products. These family-owned plant and flower businesses, some in their third or fourth generation, are deeply passionate about their craft. For the brand, the quality of its products is a non-negotiable attribute that each of its growers has to achieve.

While Decorum prioritizes quality, innovation, and sustainability, it is its products’ quality aspect that cuts across all aspects. As a premium brand, the label has built a reputation for delivering exceptional floral products that always exceed customers’ expectations. In achieving this, it implements a rigorous quality control process that ensures that only the finest — and very best — plants and flowers bear and carry the Decorum tag name. So, this is how the brand goes about achieving this feat.

What Is Decorum’s Quality Assurance?

In its own words, Decorum's quality label is an attribute that guarantees that all its products are of the highest standards, allowing consumers to enjoy them for lengthier periods. Many people, in turn, just can't help but love Decorum's floral products!


Decorum Fulfills Its Commitment to Providing High-Quality Plants and Flowers
Garvineas at Decorum grower Fa. Freek van der Velden.


The brand’s commitment to quality is evident in its mission which is simplified in the adage of bringing joy to consumers with beautiful flowers and plants that celebrate happiness, provide comfort, contribute to healthy living environments, and have the customers create for themselves an aura of exotic destinations, wherever they are. Starting in their homes!

It is the quality of its floral products that has had not just individuals but also floral designers praising Decorum’s products. For instance, based on her own experience, the 2022 European floral design champion, Hanneke Frankema isn't shy of proclaiming her adoration of the brand’s products. 


Decorum Fulfills Its Commitment to Providing High-Quality Plants and Flowers
2022 European floral design champion, Hanneke Frankema also loves using Decorum's floral products.


A long-time admirer of Decorum's quality flowers and plants, Hanneke has been using the brand’s products for years and the results have, according to her, always been perfect for her intended designs. Her sentiments explain the high ideals they have set for her. Her views are, by extension, shared by several other florists and floral designers, hence why they, likewise, use the brand’s floral products.

Hanneke Frankema:

"I love working with Decorum products and have been doing so for many years. They offer a wide range of high-quality varieties and colors, not only in cut flowers but especially in plants. Decorum has a vast assortment!"


Decorum Fulfills Its Commitment to Providing High-Quality Plants and Flowers
Decorum's hibiscus grower Kwekerij Groenhof


Checks and Strict Selection Processes Ensure Quality

The Decorum quality label is not easily attained. You can’t just package products under the Decorum brand. To achieve and maintain its high-quality benchmarks, the brand has a thorough selection process for its growers or those who wish to join it. Growers who are part of the Decorum brand select the best cuttings, bulbs, or seeds to start their cultivation processes. During this cultivation process, close attention is paid to the root system and the proper growth of the plants or flowers.

When the plants or flowers are ready for sale, a selection process takes place. Each grower has a list of requirements that the product must meet to be packaged under the Decorum brand. These requirements include the minimum number of flower buds a plant or flower should have, the size of the product, the minimum weight of the flower, the diameter of the flower or plant, and its ripeness. These requirements are tailored to each specific variety and/or pot size. 


Decorum Fulfills Its Commitment to Providing High-Quality Plants and Flowers
Grower Winco Holland specializes in different varieties of succulents and cacti.


Additionally, Decorum ensures uniformity within each pack, meaning that all flowers or plants within that batch are of the same height, width, and length.

Further to these, Decorum's quality control process is unique to each company and product. Thus, behind every exceptional product it delivers is a dedicated grower who shares the brand's adherence to quality. Each of these individual growers has a deep love for plants and flowers, their dedication to growing the finest floral products is apparent in every step of the process — from the seed of the plant to its sale. In this context, for instance, some growers use scales, others use cameras, and some select everything by hand or a combination of all these methods. All these, to ensure they attain the best quality for the brand.


Decorum Fulfills Its Commitment to Providing High-Quality Plants and Flowers
Ten Have Plant's Campanulas.


Product Photography SlijkermanKalanchoe
Plants from Decorum grower SlijkermanKalanchoë go through quality control using a camera.


And as if this is not enough, Decorum undergoes independent external quality controls, just to confirm and strengthen its promise of quality products to the customers.

Even more than that, continuous development is ingrained in Decorum's very genes; all its growers have no option but to keep up with the ever-evolving trends and standards in floral development where quality is a key element. After all, it is for its top-quality floral products that the Dutch horticultural sector is known worldwide.


Decorum Fulfills Its Commitment to Providing High-Quality Plants and Flowers
Orchid grower Bernhard Planten


With hundreds of novelties every year, Decorum’s assortment is always changing and constantly becoming even more exciting, with the products’ high quality being a constant in all the developments the growers make. It is no wonder Decorum growers are almost always finalists and winners in Dutch and international floral competitions like the prestigious Glazen Tulp award.

Quality Makes the Decorum Difference

So what positions Decorum up there, making it different from other plant and flower brands? The answer is simple. It is the brand’s perfect blend of traditional values, innovative methods, and a relentless pursuit of quality and excellence in plant and flower production. 


​Decorum Fulfills Its Commitment to Providing High-Quality Plants and Flowers
Lisianthus bouquet made with Montana Lisianthus' cut flowers.


Combining the expertise of its experienced growers, and the urge and obligation to deliver quality floral products through cutting-edge techniques, guarantees that Decorum consistently brings to its customers’ floral creations that surpass their anticipations.


All photos courtesy of Decorum Plants and Flowers. Header image by @nicoalsemgeest.


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