Introducing 3 Spectacular New Roses From David Austin

Rose Bessie™, Hettie™, and Millicent™ are added to the vast collection of this breeder's world-renowned cut roses.

By: THURSD. | 07-05-2024 | 3 min read
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David Austin Wedding Roses has been busy behind the scenes, developing a trio of sensational new rose varieties to add to their collection of world-renowned cut roses. Only the most outstanding roses receive the final David Austin hallmark.

Three Novelties From David Austin

No fewer than three new varieties from David Austin Wedding Roses have seen the light of day, without exception roses of excellent quality that will make their mark at events worldwide: Rose Bessie™, Rose Hettie™, and Rose Millicent™.

These blooms are not just any roses — they're the cream of the crop, meticulously crafted to embody elegance, charm, and unparalleled beauty.

Time for an introduction; let's see what they actually look like and what their specific qualities are, just before they will steal the spotlight at weddings and events worldwide.

Preliminary warning: These roses will make you go "Wow", so brace for impact.

Rose Bessie™ (Ausperidot)

Get ready to fall head over heels for this classic beauty! Rose Bessie™ is the epitome of grace and sophistication, the perfect rose for that classic bride. Bessie’s most notable trait is her color. Starting as an ivory bud, she transitions quickly into a classic deep cup to reveal shades of warm apricot at her center.


Rose Bessie bouquet on chair
Rose Bessie™



As her petals bloom, Bessie’s shape becomes more rosette-like, her color fading to clotted cream with hints of caramel. Her fragrance is that of delicate tea with undertones of myrrh. Bessie’s soft appearance and light warm scent give her a sweet, gentle character that is both beautiful and demure.



Hettie™ (AUSCP17117)

Rose Hettie™ is a super sassy pink powerhouse, full of charisma and confidence, and not afraid to show it! She pops open quickly to reveal a striking rich pink star rosette, surrounded by a ring of neat, layered outer petals in a lighter pink fuchsia tone. She also has the most incredible vase life.


Rose Hettie bouquet on table
Rose Hettie™



She is perfect for bold and colorful weddings which we know are still very much on trend for 2024. Hettie commands attention wherever she goes. with the ability to complement paler shades, rich greenery, and delicate flowers. Her luminosity brings a sense of luxury and sophistication to bridal bouquets, wedding ceremony displays, and reception décor. Get ready to unleash your inner diva!



Millicent™ (AUSCP17431)

Rose Millicent™ is a cornucopia of timeless beauty and wonderful things. Millicent embodies the essence of old-world glamour — a vintage beauty with a modern twist of warm, mid-pink developing hints of lilac and mauve. Her blousy blooms are filled with textured, swirling petals that unfurl forming a wonderful rosette. And let's not forget her enchanting fragrance. Millicent’s medium scent of citrus and old rose provides her final flourish and her adorable character suggests a vintage, reserved allure of a bygone era.


Rose Millicent bouquet on table
Rose Millicent™



A great color for pink-themed weddings, Millicent works harmoniously with understated delicate flowers. Her sophisticated mid-pink tones complement an array of colors blending well with pretty pinks, blues, and lilacs as well as a bolder choice of hot pinks, damson, and red tones. Get ready to be swept off your feet by Millicent's undeniable charm!



Now It's Your Turn

All these three stunning new varieties are truly unique and completely different in character. So far, only a handful of florists from around the world have worked with these new varieties. But now it’s your opportunity to bring these extraordinary roses to life — which is great timing for the wedding season ahead! Whether you're planning a classic wedding or a bold, colorful affair, these new varieties are sure to elevate your floral designs to new heights.

And the best thing? They are already available for you to order today! Get your information how-to via the David Austin website and unleash your creativity!


All photos courtesy of David Austin Wedding Roses. Photographer and stylist @Jannelford Roses.


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