It's All About Convenience With the Primula PrimeTime

The four series, one program concept from Florensis flowers consecutively from December until March. Plant all in the same week and still spread flowering!

By: THURSD. | 11-02-2022 | 3 min read

Four series, one program. The primula PrimeTime series is all about convenience. This program from Florensis flowers consecutively from December until March. Spread your flowering and offer the same color distribution all season long!

Consecutive Flowering With Primula PrimeTime

Florensis is an innovative, second-generation family business from Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht (Netherlands), founded in 1941 under the name Hamer Bloemzaden. The company has a proven track record worldwide as a breeder and as a supplier of starting material for professional growers. With 2,500 dedicated and highly-skilled employees from the Netherlands, Europe, and far beyond, Florensis produces over 1 billion young plants from seed, cuttings, and tissue culture every year.


Primula PrimeTime Program Florensis


Primulas, also known as primroses, are among the earliest flowers to bloom in spring, providing spots of cheerful color while winter is fading away and most blooming plants are still dormant. The primroses in the primula PrimeTime series flower in perfect order, are compact and uniform, have identical colors in all series, and fewer PGRs are needed. 

Four Series, One Program 

The four different series in the Primula PrimeTime program are: 






(Salome, Cairo, Luxor, Esna. Potting week 36. Pictures were taken of the flowering stage at the end of February.)


Primula Salome® Series

Salome is ideal for early spring sales between December and mid-February. This series requires low energy and fewer growth regulators which still results in good uniformity! Salome is all about big flowers on genetically compact plants. It has a compact habit, which means; more plants per meter. Salome needs less PGR and has a long shelf life without stretching. 


Primula PrimeTime Salome Series Florensis - on Thursd

Primula Salome Violet


Primula Cairo® Series

Cairo is ideal for medium-early flowering sales between early February and March. Cairo is the prototype for all PrimeTime series in quality, uniformity, and genetically compactness! It has big flowers on genetically compact plants. Due to its compact habit, Cairo has more plants per meter. Cairo needs fewer PGRs and has a long shelf life without stretching.


Primula PrimeTime Cairo Blue Florensis - on Thursd

Primula Cairo Blue


Primula Luxor® Series

Luxor is ideal for the late flowering sales between late February and March. The genetically compact plants with short dark green foliage have brightly colored and big flowers on short stems. Because of its compact habit, it produces more plants per meter. Luxor needs fewer PGRs and has a long shelf life without stretching.


Primula PrimeTime Luxor Burgundy Florensis - on Thursd

Primula Luxor Burgundy


Primula Esna® Series

Esna is the latest series in PrimeTime that flowers from mid to late March. Esna has genetically compact plants with short dark green foliage and brightly colored big flowers on short stems. Its compact habit results in more plants per meter. Esna needs fewer PGRs and has a long shelf life without stretching.


Primula PrimeTime Esna White Florensis - on Thursd

Primula Esna White


For more information about the primula PrimeTime program, visit Florensis. You can also see the primulas and many more biennials and spring flowering perennials perfect for the season during the Spring Solution Show in week 9/2022. 


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