Klaus Wagener and Krisztián Kövér Demonstrate Floral Trends in Budapest

A fusion of beauty and innovation during three days of shows and workshops.

By: THURSD. | 02-08-2023 | 4 min read
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When two authorities in the field of floral design meet in Budapest to organize trend shows and workshops, it is interesting to far more florists than the lucky ones who were able to attend. The world should bear witness to this event. In other words: What happened in Budapest should not stay just in Budapest.

Here's an account of what Klaus Wagener and Krisztián Kövér taught their inquisitive students about trends for the near and far future.

Welcome to Budapest

Budapest is the home base of Krisztián Kövér's business Botanic Art. Klaus Wagener from the German publishing house BLOOM's is internationally recognized as a specialist in translating trends into floristry. So, the connection was made and the stage was set for three intensive days of teaching and learning.

Together with the aid of Hanna Kövér (daughter of Krisztián) and Berni Wagener (Klaus' wife) the Budapest shows and workshops were thoughtfully crafted to cater to the diverse interests of florists, enthusiasts, and trendsetters alike. Featuring two shows and three hands-on workshops, the expertise of Klaus and Krisztián took center stage.


Klaus Wagener


The backdrop of this floral strand event was made even more special by the generous support of the main sponsors: Decorum and the illustrious Hungarian hardware wholesaler, Decoration & Design. Their commitment to promoting the art of floristry was evident throughout the event, and their contribution added an extra layer of charm to the entire experience.

Show 1: Floral Lifestyle Trends for 2023

The first show treated the audience on a fascinating journey through the short-term and seasonal floral trends that are taking the world by storm in 2023. Klaus Wagener masterfully explained how trends in lifestyle and fashion inspire floral designs. Attendees were captivated as he highlighted the materials, colors, and vessels that are at the forefront of the floral design world.


Decorum anthurium


Show 2: Floral Future Trends

In the second show, Klaus and Krisztián took the audience on a voyage into the future of floristry. Long-term trends were explored, including the 'Pure style' ethos, where less is more, and a new sense of timelessness is embraced in design and colors.

Another trend is the 'New Ikebana', which celebrates the revival of vegetative and formal linear styles, incorporating sustainable handcraft into the mix. 'Floral Interieur' impressed the audience, revealing how the florist of tomorrow is also an interior designer and a perfect handcrafter. And of course, the 'Green Power' trend enthralled the participants with its vision of a world that embraces plant life and green living like never before.


Krisztián Kövér
Krisztián Kövér


Decorum tulips


Workshop 1: Trendsetting Nature

The first workshop provided a hands-on experience in designing with natural colors, flowers, and materials. Attendees were encouraged to explore their creativity and create captivating arrangements that echoed the spirit of nature's beauty.

Workshop 2: Green Power

The 'Green Power' workshop was all about celebrating the versatility of cut flowers and foliage. The professional guidance by Klaus and Krisztián inspired attendees to craft exceptional designs that harnessed the beauty and power of green elements.

Workshop 3: Stone Design

The third workshop, 'Stone Design', transported participants into a world of imagination and innovation. Decorating flowers, greens, and natural materials around a stone was a unique challenge, and the results were nothing short of breathtaking.


Decorum kalanchoe


A Memorable Floral Affair

Klaus Wagener's visit to Budapest was a celebration of creativity and the magic of floristry. A true fusion of beauty and innovation. Attendees left the event feeling inspired and empowered, armed with newfound knowledge about the latest floral trends and techniques.

About Klaus Wagener (BLOOM's)

Klaus Wagener is a passionate floral designer. He is the owner and creative head of the publishing house BLOOM's. He works as a floral lifestyle specialist, trend scout, concept developer, speaker, and networker. Klaus is a trained master of floristry and has published several books. He also covers the field of plant design. With passion, he has also made a name for himself in the digital world and is one of the top international floral designers. Klaus Wagener is a team player, and that is why highly qualified florists, designers, photographers, and technicians work with him in the BLOOM’s Studio.


Klaus Wagener
Klaus Wagener

Decorum alstroemeria


About Kristián Kövér (Botanic Art)

The works of Hungarian Master Florist Krisztián Kövér are characterized by finding the balance between wild nature and sophisticated design. Botanic Art is the event bureau and training center through which Krisztián organizes workshops, training, and online courses.

About Decorum

The majority of the flowers, foliage, and plants for the Budapest shows and workshops were supplied by Decorum, which stands as a premium brand of over fifty Dutch growers that are aimed at quality, innovation, and sustainability.





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