Rose Art Cafe featured
Get a Glance and Dose of Rose Art Café! What better way to add color to your floral arrangements than with an out of the ordinary colored rose? This one is absolutely fascinating and floral designers confirm it.
Mar 15 | 4 min read
BLOOMs christmas trends 2022 featured on Thursd
2022 Top Christmas Trends for the Holidays Indulge in the joys of decorating your most precious spaces with BLOOM's recommendations. Get ready to sleigh your Christmas ornaments with these trends.
Klaus Wagener Green Future on Thursd
Time Transition - Open Up to New Paths and Alternatives Here are five opportunities that are gaining importance in these turbulent times. Let's recognize these, and plan optimistically with a zest for action for the world of tomorrow.
Klaus Wagener Justus Schweighofer Mangave wide feature on Thursd
The Mangave Collection in the BLOOM's Studio "You immediately feel like collecting and botanizing them and want to have some of them at home yourself to observe their development and growth."
These Are BLOOM's Trends for 2022 Are you looking for the latest trends in floristry and interior design? Then take a look around at these trend topics by BLOOM's presented by master florist Klaus Wagener.
Feb 07 | 3 min read
A Guide to Penetrate the Flower and Plant Markets in Germany Find a German partner in Germany
Sep 08 | 3 min read
Mariola Miklaszewska Academy of Floristry Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary A good way to challenge your students.
Aug 12 | 2 min read
These Are the Top Christmas Decorating Trends for 2021 Get ready for the season of all seasons with BLOOM's
Jul 14 | 5 min read
All Interviews on Thursd. Exclusives with floral designers and other leading creative personalities from the floral world
Jun 28 | 5 min read
BLOOM's - The Leading German Publisher for Floral Lifestyle Opening up a world of decoration with flowers, plants, and the latest trends
Apr 29 | 2 min read
Klaus Wagener, Designer and Publisher of Bloom's A closer look at one of the purest floral designers
Mar 09 | 9 min read

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