Learn the Tricks of Cymbidium Design With Joseph Massie - The Simple Structural Statement Bouquet

In this third free tutorial, this top floral designer shows how to create a simple, structural statement bouquet: the perfect corporate gift.

By: THURSD. | 15-09-2022 | 2 min read
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This is the 3rd part of a free tutorial, where top floral designer Joseph Massie shows how to create four captivating commercial designs to inspire every florist with cymbidium.

Joseph Massie

Established atop Europe’s floral scene, Joseph Massie is a celebrated designer, artist, author, and tutor.


"Cymbidium is a steadfast flower that you can use in a multitude of environments to deliver excellent results."


In this special edition – completely free – online tutorial, fellow florists can enjoy unique, unrivaled access to Joseph’s tips and techniques with a spotlight on one outstanding flower: the cymbidium.

Known for its long, strong stems and numerous exotic heads singing luxury and elegance, the cymbidium is surprisingly versatile and suitable for more commercial uses than you’d think. Available in two sizes – large and mini – it offers fantastic bang for the buck thanks to its strength, size, and most of all, vase life, lasting two to three weeks without the need for flower food.


Joseph Massie simple structural statement cymbidium bouquet on Thursd
Design by Joseph Massie


20 Minutes in 4 Chapters

In his 20-minute tutorial, Joseph showcases four strikingly different design ideas with Cymbidium, all utilizing the principles and techniques that form the bedrock of his coveted style.

Here they’re summarised in four chapters but don’t miss the full video tutorial to learn all his tricks of the trade. Below, you'll find chapter 3.


Chapter 3

A simple, structural statement bouquet: the perfect corporate gift

This design uses cymbidium varieties in colors you’d find difficult to source among many other flowers – a gorgeous burnt orange and a deep brick shade, both so on-trend right now.

This finished bouquet is simpler but still arranged in Joseph’s pivotal method of three / five / eight proportions. With a spiral technique, clever groupings of materials and color combinations allow simplicity to shine.

As the cymbidium is the only star of this design, it would work perfectly as a corporate piece thanks to its incredibly long vase life. Better yet – Joseph suggests gifting it to a potential corporate client as its lasting effect is guaranteed to impress. Check this trailer:



Joseph’s tip: looped aspidistra leaves are used at the base and fixed into the binding point of the bouquet to give it stability, making life easier when holding upright stems in position. Watch here how:



Be sure to also check part 1 and part 2 of this cymbidium tutorial.


To find out more about the wealth of ways to work with cymbidium, as well as free promotional tools and advice, visit


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