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A must-have in every modern home or for any creative florist

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Queen® Flowers

Queen® Flowers is a leading flower brand produced by the world’s largest grower of Kalanchoe. Proudly, they are a third-generation family business and have worked hard to maintain their proud craftsmanship since 1939. The company has facilities and partners worldwide, entering the market with a clear mission - to make every day more beautiful with sustainable pot and cut flowers, meeting the demand of modern consumers. TOTF2021 16 Queen Kalanchoe

A Strong and Recognizable Flower Brand

Queen® Flowers cooperates with market-leading retailers, and they strongly believe that innovation, relevant sales activities, and the right presentation of the Kalanchoe category are essential to increase business. Over the years, Queen® Flowers has built a strong and recognizable flower brand that the consumers love and favor. Through marketing strategies and targeted initiatives, they raise awareness, create value and credibility for their flowers. They have managed to both attract younger consumers and expand the target group. Queen® Flowers has brought new life to the traditional Kalanchoe, and the culture has achieved a stunning comeback. Today, their bouquets are a must-have in every modern home or for any creative florist when choosing quality flowers. TOTF2021 16 Queen Influent and IG

Proudly Presenting: Award-winning CutFlowers

With a minimum of three weeks of flowering, Queen® Flowers has set a stunning, new standard for longevity in the cut flowers category. The exceptional and top award-winning Kalanchoe cut flowers are recognized by the IPM Novelty Prize in 2014. No other cut flowers provide the same superior longevity, making them highly suitable for flower decorations and creative table settings. These beautiful and long-lasting flowers come in many different colors and with unique flower petals. This includes the bi-colored varieties Forest Pink, Blushing Pink, Elegant Purple, and Flaming Orange – outstanding flowers to look out for this year!

Cut Flowers - Three Weeks Flowering Guaranteed

Besides offering cut flowers with three weeks of flowering guaranteed, Queen® Flowers also features other exceptional qualities. Thanks to pioneering innovation, Queen® varieties have the highest ethylene resistance on the market, withstanding ethylene gasses released from fruits, vegetables, etc. The benefits are increased shelf-life, less waste, and enhanced ornamental value. All varieties are easy-care flowers that only need to be watered sparingly.

TOTF2021 16 Queen Kalanchoe Dark Pink
Queen® CutFlower - Vintage Pink
TOTF2021 16 Queen Kalanchoe Dark Pink
Queen® CutFlower - Vintage Pink

Potted Plants - Innovation and Extraordinary Varieties

At their nursery in Denmark, Queen® Flowers’ innovation team constantly sets new market standards for the Kalanchoe quality. Queen® Flowers offers the broadest Kalanchoe assortment on the market, continuously expanding their product range with new, innovative varieties. Through more than 45 years of development and breeding work, they have not only transformed the traditional potted plant into beautiful Kalanchoe cut flowers. They have also further developed the traditional Kalanchoe variety into stunning MoreFlowers and ElseFlowers, uniquely providing something more and something else to their product range. These categories feature special varieties with large, extravagant petals or beautiful two-colored flowers in bright, long-lasting colors. As Kalanchoe is a genus of succulent flowering plants, a new priority within their assortment is a wide range of beautiful, interesting succulents in their more traditional form.

TOTF2021 16 Queen Kalanchoe ElseFlowers
Queen® ElseFlowers, in the pink category
TOTF2021 16 Queen Kalanchoe Lisbon
Queen® MoreFlowers - Lisbon

Responsible Production

Throughout three generations, the company has had a tradition of prioritizing the environment and optimizing its operations. They are strategically and continually working on improved, sustainable solutions and responsible production. They also embrace their responsibilities and invest in social aspects of their business practices. At Queen® Flowers, they believe that they have a responsibility to help achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. They continuously aim to grow greener and make their production chain more future friendly. They are committed to the principles of global goals 12 and 15, covering responsible consumption and production as well as protection and restoration of terrestrial ecosystems. Furthermore, they are proud to contribute to global goals 5 and 8, covering gender equality, decent work, and economic growth.

TOTF2021 16 Queen All Succulents
A more sustainable packaging: Queen® paper sleeves for succulents
TOTF2021 16 Queen All Paper Flowers
A more sustainable packaging: Queen® paper sleeves for all kalanchoe color groups
TOTF2021 16 Queen PF all RF CF bundter
A more sustainable packaging: Queen® paper sleeves for all kalanchoe CutFlowers color groups

Contact Queen® Flowers

For more information, questions or requests, do not hesitate to contact Queen® Flowers Phone: +45 86 98 61 88 Thursd socials website internet  Thursd-socials-webshop  Thursd socials email  Thursd socials facebook  Thursd socials instagram  Thursd socials pinterest  Thursd socials youtube TOTF2021 16 Queen Flowers



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