Decorum - Over Fifty Growers of Premium Plants and Flowers

Meet these family-owned businesses, many of whom have been refining their craft in floriculture across generations.

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Decorum Growers Offering Premium Plants and Flowers That Continually Attract Buyers

When you see a flower or plant labeled 'Decorum', do you realize that this is one of the thousands of different products created by one of the over fifty growers that are Decorum? Maybe you do, because you see the name Decorum popping up everywhere in webshops, at the auction clocks, with your wholesaler, cash & carry, or at the florist. There's no way around this top brand in floriculture. And why would you, when you know picking a Decorum product means choosing from the best Dutch growers?

If you've never met a Decorum grower in real life, here is a mosaic overview of the people who make Decorum a great brand.

The Unique Qualities of Decorum’s Growers

Decorum’s growers’ dedication to the high standards of its floral products means everything to the brand. Their quality, for instance, is evident in the brand’s rigorous selection process. Only the best flowers and plants from the growers are selected to carry this top-quality label.

To achieve this, its growers work together to ensure that every product they deliver meets the highest standards of quality, innovativeness, and sustainability. Their attention to even minute details is, in turn, reflected in the products' look, fragrance, and longevity, among other qualities displayed by Decorum’s plants and flowers. 


Decorum 50 Growers 2024


The brand, moreover, is also dedicated to sustainability in its floral products, using environmentally friendly practices in the production processes. Its growers use organic fertilizers, reduce water consumption, and implement efficient energy systems to minimize their carbon footprint. What is more, innovation is also an essential element of Decorum's approach, with growers continuously seeking new and improved ways to grow and care for their products.


Villa Gerbera Andre and Mike Zuidgeest
Mike and André Zuidgeest from Villa Gerbera


Many Different Growers, Many Different Plants & Flowers

Decorum's product portfolio reflects a true cornucopia of flowers and plant products that cater to the diverse tastes and preferences of its many customers. 

If, for example, you need the best lisianthus, chrysanthemums, lilies, tulips, begonias, cacti, orchids, alstroemerias, kalanchoës or so many other plant and floral products, there is always a Decorum grower having them in their freshest and quality condition, and you’ll definitely, be well pleased with the product.


​Decorum Growers' Premium Selections Retain Customer Loyalty
Kalanchoë producer SlijkermanKalanchoë


Decorum Growers for Cut Flowers

Take, for instance, Celosia; a summer flower whose season runs from April to October. Decorum grower, Kwekerij Bosbloemen grows these flowers in a range of five different colors, namely pink, orange, red, green, and yellow. The grower also supplies white, pink, and yellow chrysanthemums in the winter months.


​Decorum Growers' Premium Selections Retain Customer Loyalty
Celosia and Chrysanthemum grower, Kwekerij Bosbloemen.
Photo by @kwekerijbosbloemen


Calla, also known as Zantedeschia, is an elegant flower with a stylish look and comes in colors such as white, red, yellow, pink, purple, orange, green, black, and bicolor. From Decorum's grower Future Flowers who specializes in year-round production of these flowers, there is a surety of a constant supply of callas for the brand’s astute customers.

Also, a unique feature of Future Flowers is that the grower delivers these calla flowers in different ways. They can be delivered either in water or dry in boxes, depending on one's requirements.


Future Flowers Eric Jansen
Eric Jansen from Calla grower Future Flowers


With peonies, according to Decorum, one makes a nice start to the summer in their home. Tulips also have a similar effect, one would say! And just as summer makes its arrival, Borst Bloembollen, a Decorum grower has, since 1946 been delivering beautiful tulips, and now also grows amazing peonies that come in cheerful colors like soft yellow, romantic white, candy pink, or dark red. Plus, the scent of these peonies is particularly charming and deliciously sweet.


Paul Bijman with peonies from Borst Bloembollen
Breeder Paul Bijman with peonies from Borst Bloembollen



From Central Asia where its origin lies, the ranunculus also has a home at Decorum with André Knoppert & Zn delivering these flowers in a diverse range of colors including white, yellow, orange, pink, red, and purple.

Just like all other members of the brand, André Knoppert & Zn also went through Decorum’s rigorous selection guaranteeing that the flowers grown are of the highest quality. The grower changes seasons of Ranunculus with a wide range of the more autumn-like disbudded Chrysanthemums.


​Decorum Growers' Premium Selections Retain Customer Loyalty
Ranunculus by André Knoppert & Zn, who mainly grows seasonal chrysanthemums as well.
Photo by @andreknoppert_zn


Kalanchoë, an extremely strong succulent with brightly colored flowers in a wide range, is known, and adored by many. It is also available as cut Kalanchoë, which many do not know about. At Decorum’s grower, Hofland Flower Group, a well-known name in the freesia world, one can also find the cut Kalanchoë flowers grown all year round.

A vase with these flowers has great ornamental value in itself. It offers no less than four weeks of delight and is ideal for different arrangements including during weddings or other occasions where flowers need to stay beautiful for a longer period.


Decorum Growers' Premium Selections Retain Customer Loyalty
Hofland Flower Group, growers of Freesia as well as cut Kalanchoë


Decorum Growers for Plants

Plants, also, make up the very essence of the Decorum brand. Its many carefully selected growers have hundreds of plant varieties that anyone would find beguiling to have in their living or work spaces.

Calathea, for instance, comes from the jungles of the Amazon in South America, and the plant can be found at Vreugdenhil Bulbs & Plants (also a grower of Amaryllis and Zantedeschia, among others). This plant can also be found at JoGrow, also a grower of a broad plant assortment containing Aglaonema, Areca, Codiaeum, Polyscias, Sansevieria, and Schefflera, as well as Hydrangeas. Practically, most tropical green houseplants can be found in JoGrow’s assortment.


​Decorum Growers' Premium Selections Retain Customer Loyalty
John Grootscholten from JoGrow with his (seasonal) hydrangeas.
Photo by @decorumplantsflowers_official.


They say with Cyclamen one brings color into their home. Cyclamen simply brightens up the living spaces and also gives off moisture when the air in the room becomes dry. An easy-to-grow and care-for plant, Cyclamen is grown by Decorum’s Ammerlaan-Sosef, a grower that also produces celosia and Primula obconica.

Other Decorum growers, Ten Have Plant, known to be the true Campanula specialist who distinguishes themselves through exclusivity, flexibility, and customization, as well as grower Vreugdenhil Bulbs & Plants, also cultivate Cyclamen.


​Decorum Growers' Premium Selections Retain Customer Loyalty
Primula grower Ammerlaan-Sosef


Crassula, also known as the Jade plant, is another ideal plant, especially for those who have limited time to take care of plants. It is an easy-maintenance succulent largely supplied by Winco Holland, another Decorum brand member.

Winco Holland is in essence a specialist in cacti and succulents, with production companies in Spain and the Netherlands. The grower has a large collection of plants topping at least 1,500 types, of which 600 species are always available.


Winco Decorum grower Arjen de Mare
Arjen de Mare from Winco Holland


When you picture a pollen-free, double-leaf floral beauty that resembles a beautiful large rose, with two equally beautiful flowers in one, then the roselily is, definitely, one of the flowers that will come to mind. This is a unique variant of the well-known lily (Lilium), and is supplied by the Decorum brand, through grower, Van Schie, who delivers them in various types and colors, as well as high quality, and with very large flowers. This grower generally focuses on potted lilies as well as Chrysanne® pot chrysanthemums.


​Decorum Growers' Premium Selections Retain Customer Loyalty
Van Schie is a specialist in potted roselily production.


Easy to grow and maintain, and air-purifying, Spathiphyllum (peace lily) is native to Colombia and Venezuela and is a popular plant, and for good reason; the contrast between the white bracts and the fresh green foliage is just beautiful in its own ways. Grower Van der Voort Potplanten has been a member of Decorum since 2010 and is a specialist in peace lily cultivation.


Arcadia Decorum grower red Chrysanthemum
Ronald Olsthoorn from chrysant grower Arcadia


Hundreds of Reasons to Check out the Decorum Brand of Plants and Flowers

Those are just a few in the very long list of plants and flowers that the label’s growers have on offer in their vast portfolios. Many more exist from the +50 different growers that the Decorum brand has under its umbrella.

And as a brand that promises that all its products are of premium quality with a longer lifespan, Decorum prides itself on maintaining this dedicated lineup of growers who have perfected their skills in the trade for years. It is no wonder the label is ever so sure of the quality of the flower and plant products it delivers to the market.



With such assurance and the obvious dedication demonstrated by the individual growers in keeping the brand as uniquely premium as it has always been, customers have even more reasons to come back for more plants and flowers from the vast collection of thousands of varieties.


Photos courtesy of Decorum Company


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