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Proud Craftsmanship

Queen® Flowers is a leading flower brand from Denmark, produced by the world’s largest grower of Kalanchoe. We are proud to be a third-generation family business and have worked hard to maintain our proud craftsmanship since 1939. Our mission is to make every day more beautiful with sustainable flowers, meeting the demand of modern consumers.

Exceptional Longevity

Today, we offer the broadest assortment on the market, continuously expanding our product range with new, innovative varieties. Thanks to pioneering innovation, Queen® Flowers exclusively offers flower bouquets with 3 weeks of flowering guaranteed and potted plants with exceptional longevity. We have brought new life to the traditional Kalanchoe with our stunning MoreFlowers, ElseFlowers, RoseFlowers, CutFlowers, and Outdoor through 45 years of development and breeding work. A unique and common trait for all varieties is a superior ethylene tolerance – the highest on the market. The benefits are increased shelf-life, less waste, and enhanced ornamental value. As Kalanchoe is a genus of succulent flowering plants, a new priority within our assortment is a wide range of beautiful, interesting succulents in their more traditional form.

Focus on the Modern Consumer

Queen® Flowers cooperates with market-leading retailers all over Europe, and we strongly believe that innovation, relevant sales activities, and the right presentation of the Kalanchoe category are essential to increase business. We are constantly evolving and branding our products with a great focus on the modern consumer, ensuring that all products always have a strong, beautiful appearance, remain eye-catching and fashionable. As a strong and recognizable flower brand, we have managed to attract younger consumers and expand our target group. As a result, we have increased sales and transformed Kalanchoe into a modern flower.


All our varieties can be bought and enjoyed with a clear conscience, as we do our utmost to minimize the impact of our production activities on the environment. We continuously aim to grow greener and are committed to helping achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.


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Queen Flowers Knud Jepsen a/s, Skanderborgvej 193, 8382 Hinnerup, Denmark

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