Mathew Schwartz’s Curious X-Ray Images of Flowers

The X-rays which included small orchids, lilies, and tulips, were created using a micro-CT scanner.

By: THURSD. | 05-07-2023 | 3 min read
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X-ray photo of two lilies

Mathew Schwartz, a talented artist, and innovator, has created a lot of curiosity and wonder throughout the world with his unique approach to capturing the intricate beauty of flowers. Using a micro-CT scanner, Schwartz deeply connects to the unseen world of flora, unveiling mesmerizing X-ray images that reveal the hidden structures within. Ready to see the result?

The X-Ray Flower Art of Mathew Schwartz

The extraordinary technique of floral X-rays has earned him recognition and acclaim, as his work continues to redefine our perception of botanical art. Mathew Schwartz's journey into the realm of X-ray flower imaging began with his fascination for the intricate details hidden beneath the surface of petals and leaves. So, the real question is, how did he do it?


X ray of mushrooms by Mathew Schwartz


A micro-CT scanner uses a process called micro-computed X-ray tomography to create a series of tomograms, which are 2D images that reveal cross-sections of an object. These images, which look similar to X-ray scans, can then be digitally combined to create a 3D model in a process similar to that used in CT (computerized tomography) and CAT (computerized axial tomography) scans.


Orchids in Xray by Mathew Schwartz


By employing a micro-CT scanner, typically used for medical imaging, Schwartz discovered a way to peer into the delicate anatomy of flowers. This cutting-edge technology allows him to create highly detailed, ethereal images that showcase the intricate network of veins, stems, and seed pods that support and nourish these beautiful organisms.


Xray of a lily flower


Mathew Schwartz Unveils the Unseen

Schwartz's artistic vision goes beyond mere scientific documentation. His X-ray flower images are not just scientific renderings, they are captivating works of art that evoke a sense of wonder and enchantment. Through meticulous post-processing techniques, he enhances the raw X-ray data, transforming it into ethereal monochromatic compositions that capture the essence of each flower's unique form. The resulting images reveal a delicate interplay of light and shadow, showcasing the intricate structures and patterns that often go unnoticed.


Mathew Schwartzs Xray art


The artist's X-ray images challenge our preconceived notions of botanical art. By peeling back the outer layers and exposing the hidden structures within, he invites us to reconsider our understanding of the natural world. The ethereal, almost otherworldly, quality of his work creates a sense of intrigue and invites viewers to see flowers in a new light. These images highlight the complexity and fragility of nature, serving as a reminder of the intricate beauty that exists beneath the surface.

The Implications and Impact of Flower X-Ray Images

Mathew Schwartz's X-ray flower images have made a significant impact on both the artistic and scientific communities. His work offers invaluable insights to botanists and researchers, providing a novel perspective on the inner workings of plants. Beyond the scientific realm, his images have sparked a sense of wonder and fascination among art enthusiasts and the general public alike. They serve as a bridge between the realms of art and science, showcasing the inherent beauty and complexity of nature.


Clear xray of two lily flowers


Sharing His Photos

As his journey continues, we eagerly anticipate the future revelations and artistic marvels that Mathew Schwartz's X-ray flower images will undoubtedly unveil. And being on an open-source photo community such as Unsplash means he is willing to share his artwork freely with the whole world. Or as he puts it:

"I am a researcher and designer that likes photography and open-source work. Happy to share my photos and hope people find good use for them."

And that's been proven with this stunning collage.


If you want to know more about the artist, make sure to visit Mathew Schwartz's website.


Photos by Mathew Schwartz.



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