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A family-owned business with a strong female touch

By: THURSD. | 28-04-2021 | 4 min read
Excellent quality and technology, are what get Naranjo Roses well known. They are one of the most innovating groups in Ecuador, working every day to keep caring and getting environmental consciousness into every box they export. Maryluz Naranjo is the founder of this company in Ecuador. Quote-Naranjo Roses Ecuador - Interview Maryluz Naranjo Meet Maryluz Naranjo from Naranjo Roses - Article on Thursd

An Interview With Maryluz Naranjo, the Force Behind Naranjo Roses Ecuador

Two years ago Naranjo Roses launched their new brand and logo. Maryluz Naranjo:
"We are finally an ‘adult’ company. A real brand."
20 years ago, she established the company, and two years ago they celebrated this anniversary with the presentation of their new brand image. Coming may they will celebrate their 20th anniversary.

Who is Maryluz?

"I am Colombian, I was born in Boyaca where I lived until my adolescence. After this, I went to Bógota where I lived for about 21 years. It was there that my beautiful and pleasant connection with flowers began. I have lived in Ecuador, my second homeland, for 20 years.
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How and when did you start your flower business?

"I started with Roberto Nevado, may he rest in peace, who was one of the pioneers in the sale of flowers to Europe from Colombia. At this point, we founded a trading company called Naranjo Exportaciones in which we were able to have commercial relationships with more than 100 crops in Bógota of various types of flowers. After a few years, we decided to give more direct service to our clients by producing the best roses in the world in Ecuador, which is a country that is characterized by having a premium quality in floriculture. Today, after 20 years, we have consolidated the group into 3 farms: 1 preserved rose plant, 1 dyed rose plant, and direct sale at the destination, forming 4 business lines."

How did you discover the needs of your customers?

"By our day-to-day treatment, especially by participating in international fairs and direct visits."
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Why do people like working at Naranjo?

"Because we transmit to them the sense of belonging to our company. We link them directly with development and we make them part of our achievements as well as the difficulties that arise. Values, transparency, loyalty, teamwork, integrity, and commitment are valued and they go hand in hand with our company project."

From what I understand, is Naranjo a family business?

"Yes, in addition to the main family that is the NARANJO TEAM, my husband, Carlos Gomez, and my children Laura and Daniel are part of this Naranjo group."
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What are the main varieties of roses that you grow?

"Freedom, Mondial, Explorer, and Garden roses. We have a total of 79 varieties to the day."

When did you start growing in other countries? When did the business go international?

"With the creation of the Comercializer in Colombia, with Roberto Nevado who was based in Spain and made contacts in Europe, we were able to expand to the rest of the world."

What is the secret of Naranjo's success?

"I think that the organization, entrepreneurship, and honesty with our team and clients have made us grow together and achieve our planned objectives and goals."
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Did you encounter difficulties along the way because you are a woman?

"Yes, many of us. We live in sexist countries that fortunately have changed over the years. I think that the woman who saw herself as a person doomed to only do housework, today, has demonstrated quality and sagacity in business development."

What would you suggest for other women in our industry?

"That they continue to believe in themselves. I would tell them to never allow themselves to be placed into the misconception of a development that does not exist only for women who fight for their dreams."
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Which flower do you like the most?

"My favorite variety is Shimmer!"

What is your favorite song?

"Morena mia by Miguel Bose."

What are your favorite restaurants? At home and abroad?

"Noe Sushi Bar, which is a very good restaurant in Ecuador. I would recommend the “Asador de Aranda” in Madrid which has an excellent baked lamb. Finally, St Louis at the garden house and Andres Carne de res restaurant in Bógota."

How did you manage during COVID?

"We worked from home and had many virtual meetings, where we were still able to work very hard and organize ourselves for what was yet to come."
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What would you say to people who are losing patience and frustrated by COVID?

"That crisis generates opportunities. Let's see these opportunities and take advantage of them. I would also suggest that we never lose confidence in ourselves and fight for our dreams."

Where do you see Naranjo Roses in five years? What are your dreams for the company?

"Selling a large percentage at the destination, directly in Europe and the United States. This, along with the consolidation of the business lines that we are developing, makes me see a great company with strong growth, ideal technological development, and a great work team."

What has been your greatest achievement?

"My professional fulfillment in the Naranjo Roses Group and having a beautiful family."

What do you think of Thursd?

I" think Thursd is a necessary and informative space that helps generate the dialogue that is important to have in daily life with people in the industry."
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