Naranjo Roses Sends Heartbeats From the Farm - Valentine's Day Mode On

Through the sound of the beat, you feel what they do at Naranjo Roses: the whole team is working with passion and joy, to grow the most beautiful roses possible.

By: THURSD. | 27-01-2022 | 2 min read
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Valentine's Day at Naranjo Roses means lots of hard work and dedication. Today, this Ecuadorian grower started a new campaign: "Heartbeats from the Farm". Hearing this heartbeat makes you feel the passion they work with every day. Valentine is a day that many people wait for because it brings so many nice emotions, especially the most important one we all know: the universal feeling of love. 

Heartbeats From the Farm

This new campaign: "Heartbeats from the Farm" needs to bring awareness of the passion growers have for their products. At Naranjo Roses, they say they love what they do and it makes them feel alive. Love is a universal feeling; it's caring for one another, and the heartbeat that you hear in this video is the ultimate demonstration of love.


Naranjo Roses Love quote - on Thursd



Laura Gomez, Marketing Director at Naranjo Roses talks about Love at the farm and why it's so important.

Laura Gomez:

"At Naranjo Roses we use the slogan: "I Love - Therefore I Exist." To exist means to not hide, to connect, to do for each other what lies in your abilities. To exist means to share knowledge, to give and receive, to love... Naranjo Roses wants to give. We want to empower wholesalers and florists. And we want to make sure we grow the best quality possible, with heartbeats from the farm. The roses from Lulu Rose are eternal, just as love can be eternal. Our fresh roses are strong and cared for, and the tinted prestige collection gives color to your life."


Lulu is Delicate, Sophisticated, and Passionate


Naranjo Roses Cares  

To give extra sales ideas Naranjo has some easy ideas to increase your sales for Valentine.

Start your Valentine's Day special campaign now: You can make a combi package of a floral arrangement and an additional gift, for example, some sweet candy in the shapes of hearts, or a teddy bear.

Organize a giveaway on social media! People love giveaways, especially if it's one that involves Valentine's Day and flowers! You can´t go wrong with this one.


 Heartbeats from the farm at


Design a unique floral arrangement for this date! A Limited Valentine's Edition. You can mix the most beautiful colors, and pack them up in a heart-shaped box.

Offer Gift Cards! This is a great gift when you don´t know what to choose! By selling a gift card, you keep growing the love of flowers even after Valentine's Day.


Heartbeats from the farm at Thursd


Lastly, you can organize a last-minute sale. Lots of people are in a hurry, and an easy online sale can be very beneficial! Put together some Valentine's Day Deals and offers for last-minute purchases!


Valentine with Lulu Eternal Roses on Thursd


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