Dare to Bloom Europe Will Bring Magic to the Fleuramour Event at Alden Biesen Castle in Belgium

The theme for Lulu Rose's European Competition is "Magic - Let's Fly With Dare to Bloom."

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Dare to Bloom Europe Will Bring Magic to Fleuramour header on Thursd

Dare to Bloom comes to Europe! This inspiring global floral competition is organized by Lulu Rose, a brand of eternal roses from the Naranjo Roses Group. Since 2021, we have a winner in North America, so now it is time for Europe to get one. Wanna be part of the magic?

Magic - Let's Fly With Dare to Bloom

Dare to Bloom is a challenging floral competition that aims at honoring and inspiring what moves this industry: Creativity. Since other competitions are more academic, Dare to Bloom is fresher, more outgoing, and just lets creativity be. Winners from several continents will join the Dare to Bloom Global Finale in Ecuador in 2023.

The name of this competition says it all: Dare to Bloom! Participating florists are challenged to explore their creative side. Let's just remember that when given flowers, especially roses, the possibilities of creating beautiful arrangements and ideas are truly endless. It's a competition unlike any other because the basis is beautifully preserved 'eternal' roses from Lulu Rose accompanied by other preserved flowers and foliage.


Lulu Rose Dare to Bloom Europe 2022 winner quote on Thursd


The theme for the European leg of the Dare to Bloom competition is "Magic - Let's Fly With Dare to Bloom." This theme emphasizes that everyone who dares can let their dreams come true.


Lulu Rose Dare to Bloom 2021 New York Rachel Clark
Dare to Bloom Competition 2021 in New York City


Create Your 'Wings' Design

Everyone can fly in their own way by creating 'wings' from flowers. First, you have one hour of preparation to collect the stuff you need from the eternal roses and preserved fillers, the wires and materials from Agora, and beyond. Then the designing part starts. You get two hours to create your wings design, without limitations in size or shape. The wings must be wearable, that's the only requirement.

The wings of the winning design will be part of a fashion show afterward, so be ready to wear your wings on stage!

The Competition Program

10.00-11.00 Preparation hour
11.00-13.00 Designing hours
13.00-14.00 Judging
16.00 The winner is announced
16.30 Fashion Show: An amazing Floral Fashion Show will take place and there the winner shows the winning wearable wings on stage.


Lulu Rose preserved roses in 4 colors on Thursd


What Is Lulu Rose?

Did you ever dream of having your roses eternally in top shape? Well, Lulu Rose does exactly this. They immortalize Ecuadorian roses through a unique preservation process so that the softness and color remain and the flower will last forever. Even better, the process allows the flowers to be dyed in all the colors of the rainbow and more, even multiple colors in one single flower.


Last Year's Hit in the USA - This Year in Europe

Remember Dare to Bloom 2021? The first continent to host this contest was North America. In four venues across the United States competitions were held. The winners from the consecutive battles in Miami, New York, Dallas, and Los Angeles all came to the Grand U.S. Finale, again in Miami. After an inspiring and adrenaline-rushing night with three challenges, Rachel Clark from Dearest Rachel won the trophy, securing her place in the Dare to Bloom Global Finale 2023 in Ecuador.


Lulu Rose Dare to Bloom 2021 Rachel Clark on Thursd
Rachel Clark is the Champion of the 2021 Dare to Bloom North America Competition that was held in the USA


At Fleuramour, Alden Biesen

So, now it's time to create Magic in Europe and let you fly with Dare to Bloom. On Saturday the 24th of September, the Dare to Bloom Europe contest at Belgian castle Alden Biesen is the best opportunity for European florists to get acquainted with these special flowers, but also to let your creativity flow and design with the eternal roses.

The competition will take place during one of Belgium's floral events of the year: the 25th edition of Fleuramour. The castle of Alden Biesen will be one big display of wonderful floral designs from worldwide renowned designers, a must-see for professional florists and flower-lovers alike.

The Dare to Bloom jury will consist of experienced people from worldwide floriculture, among them Deborah De La Flor (Floral Designer, AIFD, PFCI), and Marios Vallianos (Chairman of the Greek Florist Federation).


Fleuramour at Kasteel Alden Biesen  2021 on Thursd
Fleuramour is an annual event at Castle Alden Biesen, Belgium


Register Now for Saturday the 24th of September

Register HERE for the Dare to Bloom Europe competition that will take place on Saturday the 24th of September. Just bring yourself, because all materials and flowers will be provided by the organization. Note: there is a maximum of two contestants per country, so you will be informed after your registration.


Lulu Rose Dare to Bloom 2022 Banner on Thursd


Secure Your Ticket to Ecuador

The winner of the Dare to Bloom competition at Fleuramour in Alden Biesen will be invited to the European Finale that will be held after all four European competitions have been concluded. So, together with the other three winners, you will compete to become Europe's number 1 floral designer with preserved flowers! The winning design will also be shown on

This is also your ticket to the Dare to Bloom Global Finale in Ecuador in 2023 - A fully arranged trip of a lifetime to one of the world's rose cultivation hotspots.


Visit Naranjo Roses Ecuador on Thursd
The European winner will have a chance to visit Naranjo Roses in Ecuador 




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