MNP / Suntory’s New Stand, New Position, and New Business Opportunities at IPM 2024

Showcasing the cream of the crop in booth E47.1 - Hall 1, and competing with great novelties in IPM's Neuheiten Schaufenster.

By: THURSD. | 15-01-2024 | 4 min read
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Novelties by ​M​NP / Suntory at the I​PM 2024 in Essen

As the world of plants, flowers, and horticulture converges at the 2024 IPM in Essen for the renowned horticultural trade fair, MNP / Suntory, a reliable name in the European ornamental plant industry, well-known for successfully churning out innovative bedding plants, will also be in the house! IPM Essen presents a conducive gathering place for the green sector, and definitely a perfect setting for MNP / Suntory to showcase its novelties. Some of which are competing in IPM's Neuheiten Schaufenster.

The fair, which runs from January 23rd to January 26th, 2024, and features exhibitors from all over the world as they present their innovative products and services in the fields of plants, technology, floristry, and gardening. MNP / Suntory who will this time round be hosted in booth E47.1 in Hall 1, has in store surprises for everyone. Such include different varieties of its ornamental plants, all of which will, definitely, have a lasting impression on all those in attendance.

A Vast Showcase of Varieties and Novelties at MNP / Suntory’s Booth

A pioneer in delivering quality ornate plants, MNP / Suntory’s participation in this year’s fair in Essen, Germany promises nothing short of being spectacular, with the vast array of plants it has to offer.


​M​NP / Suntory at the I​PM 2024 in Essen
Soirée® White by MNP / Suntory features in the Neuheiten Schaufenster at IPM 2024


This year, as the trade fair celebrates its 40th anniversary, the plant pioneers based in Leimuiderbrug, Netherlands feel that it is the perfect opportunity for them to head back to Messe Essen with a range of exciting varieties, copious interesting novelties, and endless possibilities for visitors. After all, these plant pioneers are known to constantly set floral trends with their unique novelties and innovations.


​M​NP / Suntory at the I​PM 2024 in Essen
MNP / Suntory's Senetti® Bright Carmine (left) and Senetti® Hot Pink


For MNP / Suntory, IPM 2024 means not just new products, but also new prospects, and the new location in Hall 1, where the plant pioneers’ booth (E47.1) is located at the Horti Experience Pavilion, affords them a vantage position for that beautiful plant-filled experience. The booth is next to the eastern passage from Hall 1 to Hall 2. 


​M​NP / Suntory at the I​PM 2024 in Essen
MNP / Suntory's Sundaville® Verona Red will feature in the Neuheiten Schaufenster at the IPM 2024 in Essen.


Some Plants to Be Presented

The plant developers share stages with several other inspiring floricultural companies, and the impression of the whole setting is that the entire team's fervor and ingenuity will, definitely, enthuse and inspire the fair’s attendees with the endless collection of plants and the abounding possibilities in trial materials, and more.

What’s more, in this year’s fair, MNP / Suntory is competing in the Neuheiten Schaufenster novelty showcase and has in line some of its most exquisite varieties and novelties including the Senetti® Hot Pink, Sundaville® Verona Red, Soirée® White, Granvia® Old Pink Flame Compact, and Stardiva® Star Blue.


​M​NP / Suntory at the I​PM 2024 in Essen
Stardiva® Star Blue which will feature in the Neuheiten Schaufenster for MNP / Suntory


Other novelties expected to be on showcase at the MNP / Suntory booth during the IPM 2024 include Senetti® Bright Carmine, Surfinia® Dark Yellow Morn, Sundaville® Bordeaux Red, Soirée® Light Pink Dark Eye, Soirée® Cerise White Eye, Sundaville® Early Collection with the new Sundaville® Early Soft White, together with Sundaville® Early Pink and the bestseller Sundaville® Early Scarlet, as well as many more others.


​M​NP / Suntory at the I​PM 2024 in Essen
Potted Sundaville® Early Soft White


This Is a Booth You Would Want to Visit!

In a fair that promises to present an infinite diversity of plant varieties, innovations, and novelties, and whose theme supports and leans towards climate change and sustainability, MNP / Suntory without doubt, in the same way, promises to deliver all that it has to offer with regards to modern plant innovation trends and floral sustainability efforts.


​M​NP / Suntory at the I​PM 2024 in Essen
Granvia® Old Pink Flame Compact which will feature in the Neuheiten Schaufenster at the IPM 2024.


With all the innovations and new varieties that the pioneering plant developers are set to unveil at the IPM 2024 in Essen, a visit to their booth will, without a doubt, be worthy of one's efforts. It is a place you wouldn't want to miss for all its worth. So, go ahead and mark that date and the venue, and experience the renowned plant pioneer’s colorful plant offerings.


MNP Suntory Erwin Giezen
Erwin Giezen, Head of Marketing, Communications & Trade at MNP / Suntory


Photos by MNP / Suntory.


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