Future Plant Trends
MNP / Suntory Invites You to 'Future Plant Trends' Event During Horti Week 45 Take an exclusive look at tomorrow's novelties during the 2nd edition of the in-house trade show from November 6-9, 2023.
MNP Suntory
Plant Pioneers Set New Trends in Floriculture Gamechanger MNP / Suntory shows the world's future plant gems.
Sundaville basket on patio
Sundaville® Is the Hottest Mandevilla in Town More than 20 years after the first Red Sundaville®, the collection has extraordinary varieties and colors.
Surfinia Trailing Burgundy Yellow Picotee
3 x 6 Good Reasons to Get Surfinia® Into Your Garden The six best reasons to buy, the six best care tips, and the six best fun facts about the world's no. 1 trailing petunia.
Magical Art of Breeding feature on Thursd
The Magical Art of Breeding Flowers and Plants How are new horticultural beauties created and discovered? And are you a breeder?
1 and a half billion surfinias
Staggering 1.5 Billion Surfinia® Plants Sold in Europe Each Surfinia® is a Petunia, but not each Petunia is a Surfinia®.
Granvia® Is the Epitome of Elegance and Luxury Discover this Xerochrysum plant, the 'flower with the crispy touch' and indulge in the essence of sophistication.
Senetti Pericallis
The Amazing Senetti® Experience these cool flowering plants that uplift your garden and patio, and will definitely brighten your day.
surfinia petunia
Surfinia® Already Over 30 Years the Showstopping Petunia for Gardens and Streets With now over 1.500.000.000 Surfinia®'s from cuttings sold in Europe alone, you can read all about the revolutionary first trailing petunia brand on the market.
Plant Pioneers
The People of MNP / Suntory Are True Plant Pioneers Admiring their most famous brands, and reflecting on why they are rightfully called the plant pioneers, this breeding company is like an orchestra, playing a beautiful, ongoing symphony of floral wonders.
stardiva star lavender
Stardiva® Is Your New Garden Friend Make some room in your outdoors for these wonderful Scaevola aemula plants.
Sundaville Double Blush Pink
Sundaville® Double Blush Pink Is the Next Showstopper MNP / Suntory shows its commitment to quality, innovation, and beauty with the first price in the Fleurostar 2023 Awards.

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