Soiree Hot Pink variety
Get Compact and Trendy With Soirée™ Sweet Besties Are you looking for your next garden companions? These might just be the perfect fit.
MNP / Suntory’s​ New Sundaville Reds Are Perfect for Small Pots
These Three New Sundaville Reds Are Ideal for Small Pots A new versatile and future-proof collection of Mandevillas is a perfect fit for any garden, patio, or balcony just about anywhere around the world.
Novelties by ​M​NP / Suntory at the I​PM 2024 in Essen
MNP / Suntory’s New Stand, New Position, and New Business Opportunities at IPM 2024 Showcasing the cream of the crop in booth E47.1 - Hall 1, and competing with great novelties in IPM's Neuheiten Schaufenster.
Surdiva Compact Pink in a hanging basket
Make the Surdiva® Collection Your Garden's Celebrity Surdiva® garden plants are calling and they want to join your garden and outdoor spaces!
Klaas Droog
Meet the Plant Pioneers of MNP / Suntory at IPM There is a whole team of specialists who have been getting the best out of themselves for the perfect plant for years.
Jan 15 | 6 min read
Future Plant Trends
MNP / Suntory Invites You to 'Future Plant Trends' Event During Horti Week 45 Take an exclusive look at tomorrow's novelties during the 2nd edition of the in-house trade show from November 6-9, 2023.
Sundaville basket on patio
Sundaville® Is the Hottest Mandevilla in Town More than 20 years after the first Red Sundaville®, the collection has extraordinary varieties and colors.
Surfinia Trailing Burgundy Yellow Picotee
3 x 6 Good Reasons to Get Surfinia® Into Your Garden The six best reasons to buy, the six best care tips, and the six best fun facts about the world's no. 1 trailing petunia.
MNP Suntory
Plant Pioneers Set New Trends in Floriculture Gamechanger MNP / Suntory shows the world's future plant gems.
Magical Art of Breeding feature on Thursd
The Magical Art of Breeding Flowers and Plants How are new horticultural beauties created and discovered? And are you a breeder?
1 and a half billion surfinias
Staggering 1.5 Billion Surfinia® Plants Sold in Europe Each Surfinia® is a Petunia, but not each Petunia is a Surfinia®.
Granvia® Is the Epitome of Elegance and Luxury Discover this Xerochrysum plant, the 'flower with the crispy touch' and indulge in the essence of sophistication.

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