Naranjo Roses Pop Up at Arteflorando in Authentic Leverano

With an unknown beauty and size, these roses conquer the hearts of all people visiting the town of Leverano.

By: THURSD. | 01-10-2021 | 2 min read
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Imagine a town with small streets made of stone and surrounded by two-story houses, just like a European fairy tale. There are lanterns on the walls illuminating at night. And during the day, streets are filled with flowers. That is Leverano! Leverano is a town and comune in the province of Lecce in south-east Italy. Floral designer and teacher Ivan Bergh has organized the competition of Arteflorando for already seven years.


Naranjo Roses Pop Up in Leverano at Arteflorando - Quote - Article on Thursd


Naranjo Roses Pop Up in Leverano for Arteflorando - Article on Thursd

Arteflorando in Leverano

This magical town is the home to an international floral contest every year called Arteflorando, where floral artists from many different countries come to test their creativity in front of a board of judges. Even though the area is famous for producing wine, it is also the home to an annual international floral contest every year. This competition is where floral artists from many different countries come to enjoy the Italian Atmosphere and at the same time want to find out if they can be the first of many teams.


Naranjo Roses Pop Up in Leverano for Arteflorando - Article on Thursd


Naranjo Roses part of Arteflorando

At Naranjo Roses, we were pleased to be part of this international event supporting florists from around the world. As part of this competition, there were three challenges to be completed. And we are proud to announce one of the artists we promoted with our fresh roses won second place in one of those three challenges!


Naranjo Roses Pop Up for Arteflorando at Leverano - Article on Thursd


Regine Motmans Represented Belgium in Arteflorando, Creating a Beautiful and Meaningful Masterpiece




“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. For this competition, I needed to think carefully about how to explain myself. Something old to show that you change through life, you look different at things, and they become more beautiful. And something new, the flowers light up every way of the road. And then something borrowed... The door and the table show what friends mean and how lucky you are to have them. And of course I needed something blue, this was a real gift because I only had the Equinops (blue glow) but then the blue Vespa arrived.”

Being in that magical city and witnessing all that creativity was a chance like no other, and we are very grateful. We want to thank you because thanks to you, in some way, you have helped us reach this dream. #naranjoempowersflorists with your help! WITH LOVE, Naranjo Roses



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