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The Dream of Our Own Farm

We are a family-based company dedicated to the production and exportation of one of the best roses from Ecuador to the world. Our industry expertise is extensive and dates back to the late '90s, since that time we had the dream of our own farm and brand and so it was that in 2001 we consolidated this vision and we became Naranjo Roses.

The Passion With Which We Grow

Our first farm Naranjo has a privileged location between the cities of Latacunga and Salcedo and it is our headquarters. Over the years we decided to grow and apply the same passion with which we devote to grow each stem of roses. In 2010 we acquired the farm Sir Arthur, located in the area of ​​Lasso in the foothills of the Ilinizas volcanoes, continuing on par with our vision to stay motivated and innovating as it is reflected in our rose varieties and processes. That’s how we decided to renew and we accepted a new challenge, this time was to acquire our biggest farm yet, Angy, which is located in the highlands and posses rich soils and is right on the sight of the majestic Cotopaxi in the area of ​​Pasto Calle.

Continuously Innovating Our Products

40 hectares and 94 varieties from various altitudes ranging from 2700 meters to over 3100 meters above sea level, we are continuously innovating like dyed roses and other related products. We are growing because of you, we are Naranjo Group.

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Naranjo Roses Centro Comercial Paseo San Francisco Área de negocios oficina 007 Quito- Ecuador

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