Shortening the Supply Chain for More Open Roses

Why London florist Neill Strain chooses more open Avalanche+ roses.

By: THURSD. | 24-06-2020 | 4 min read

Some weeks ago on Thursd you could read about ripe vs raw. Some flower varieties, like alstroemerias, freesias, and some roses, when being offered on the markets, are better sold ripe than raw. The flower performance at the customers is better when sold riper.

Ripe vs. Raw Roses

Some rose growers talked about why they think it is better to offer the flowers riper. Stefan van Vuuren from Porta Nova and Frank Voorn from Voorn Roses explained in detail why. You can read about it here: Ripe or raw - Porta Nova, and here: Ripe vs raw - Voorn spray roses.



Depending on the way of transportation and distance, a choice can be made on how to offer Avalanche+ roses too.


Neill Strain Avalanche Meijer Roses on Thursd


A Story of Shortening the Supply Chain

This is the story of Neill Strain, a renowned florist in London who is serving customers in the highest segments of the market. who decided how he would like to receive the roses. And of Meijer Roses, a grower of Avalanche+® roses, who decided how he would best serve his customers. Neill Strain and Meijer Roses came together, deciding on the shortening of the supply chain in the best way possible. For both the grower and the florist, it's a win-win. But it is also a win-win for the florist's customers and the trader or wholesaler in between. It's a win-win-win-win situation.


Neill Strain buys Meijer Roses


The florist can order directly from the grower, knowing exactly what he will get, and being able to tell the grower what he expects. The grower has the opportunity to tell more about the roses, the quality of that period, etcetera. In this, there is no extra work for the wholesaler in between, except doing what they are really good at efficient and quick logistics. The customers receive the best roses in the world.

Product Champions

Porta Nova, Voorn Spray roses, and Meijer Roses are all growers that Neill has chosen as his product champions. Tthese growers are all aware of what Neill's goals are and know him personally. These product champions are also Neill's advisors, which is why Neill has been working with the right maturity stages for a long time. Neill Strain also visited all these companies.


Neill Strain with John Meijer on Thursd
John Meijer (left) and London Florist Neill Strain at Meijer's glasshouse in Holland where the Avalanche+ roses are grown. Photo credit: Neill Strain.


The Choice for More Ripe Avalanche+ Roses

It was only after deliberate investigating and testing, that Neill Strain decided to only buy more ripe Avalanche+ roses. In a flower stadium that would often be described by many in the flower industry as too open. And by consumers alike. Neill is able to buy AND sell more open Avalanche+ roses because he can explain this to his customers. Neill has trained his staff really well, and therefore everyone working At Neill Strain can explain to the customers why these open flowers are better to buy than flowers rawer.



(Neill Strain can also decide for more open flowers because he always receives his transport of flowers in buckets of water, within 24 hours, making sure the roses are not damaged in transport. Note that the boxing of open roses without damaging them is very difficult.)


Neill Strain Meijer Roses Avalanche+


Leaving the roses on the plants for longer and having the first stage of opening of the buds on the plants, has some advantages:

  1. There's more sugar available in the stem of the rose so that it can open up completely and can last longer.
  2. The flowers are bigger.


You only have to be able to explain it and have customers who take your word for it. This is only necessary for the first time because after having witnessed the flower performance of the first bunch of more open Avalanche+ roses at home, the customers don't want anything else!



Neill Strain is renowned for the extraordinary installations he creates to decorate the front of his Belgravia boutique on various occasions during the year such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, and more. Rose installation by Neill Strain at The Flower Lounge for 'A Celebration of the Rose' in conjunction with RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015. Read more about it here:


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