Sky Blue and Bright White Wedding Trends for 2024

Have you already discovered Thursd's Floral Trend Colors for 2024? If not take a sneak peek here, plus get some wedding inspo!

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Incoming color trends for weddings

Sky Blue and Bright White are the Thursd Floral Trend Colors for 2024. Be the first to know how these magnificent colors will be used in bouquets, floral compositions, venues, and events (especially weddings!). Let's put the spotlight on Sky Blue and Bright White as perfect wedding colors. This dynamic combination introduces a modern and sophisticated twist to traditional wedding aesthetics, offering a refreshing take on classic romance.

Sky Blue & Bright White Wedding Trends for 2024

As you may have already peeked through the news, the Thursd Floral Trend Colors of 2024 are indeed Sky Blue and Bright White. The interplay between the serene sky blue and the pure brightness of white sets the stage for chic and contemporary ambiance in weddings and events in general. Take a look at ten wedding trends for next year where floral arrangements become a stylish and expressive reflection of love in full bloom.


Sky Blue and Bright White Wedding couple
Photo: @katylunsfordphotography


1. Cascading Sky Blue and Bright White Hydrangea Table Centers

Ever seen something look more beautiful than a wave of blue and white-toned hydrangeas surfing their way through the entire table at a wedding? They're so fabulous! This gorgeous combination is for those who love simplicity but add volume to their wedding venue and spaces as well. Imagine capturing your wedding picture amid these amazing hydrangeas altogether. Definitely, a memorable moment.

The cascading type of decoration using Thursd's Floral Trend Color for 2024 using blue and white hydrangeas will be all in next year. You can expect to see these used and fused all over weddings, wedding bouquets, events, and even as gifts! They're a major combo you cannot miss out on.


Cascading blue and white hydrangeas
Photo: @katylunsfordphotography


2. Thursd Floral Trend Color 2024 in Outstanding Colorful Outdoor 'Duomes'

In this design, you can see how the blueish tones take over the design by intertwining between white blooms as well, most notably white hydrangeas as they are a very typical and extremely popular choice for wedding decorations. Although the blue foliage for this wedding was dyed, the white flowers were not, of course, and the predominant ones are bright white hydrangeas along with baby's breath in the back compositions. Marvelous combo that will never disappoint, leaving wedding guests saying 'WOW'!


Blue and white wedding decoration with flowers
Photo: @lebaneseweddings


3. Staircases Filled With Flowers

As a wedding trend for 2024, staircases filled with flowers rolled up to the top are something that will be seen everywhere. In this case, blue delphinium flowers in Thursd's trend color for 2024, Sky Blue give the stairs a unique decoration, as if they were climbing up entirely. Adorned and mixed with other white flowers, these two noticeable colors combine perfectly, creating a harmonious, delicate, but popping colorful side to it thanks to the sky blue color. This combination of blue delphinium with other light-colored white flowers can be used to decorate formal events inside a house or any type of venue that includes stairs.


Wedding trend with flowerful staircase
Photo: @cocoweddingvenues


4. 'Hang Bright Like Diamonds'

Yes, this trend allows flowers to hang AND shine bright like the diamonds they are. One of the biggest and most used wedding trends forecasted for 2024 in tones of Sky Blue and Bright White is hanging florals even though they've remained a trend for recent years. The difference is that in the upcoming year, these two colors will be dominating wedding decor and people will be looking up to the most wonderful view of blue and white delphinium flowers along with hanging greenery. You'll be embellished by the beauty of these hanging flowers, plus they create a very contrasting color palette that is perfect to nail a wedding.


Hanging blue and white delphiniums
Photo: @lifeinbloom


5. Out-of-the-Ordinary Wedding Bouquets

We can all agree that traditional wedding bouquets for the bride and her bridesmaids are beautiful when they have tonalities of white and neutral colors along with the classical types of flowers (roses, calla lilies, etc). But 2024 is calling for out-of-the-ordinary wedding bouquets for bridesmaids and brides. Sky blue giant orchids will become the main protagonists in many bouquets but bright white will also have its main protagonist moment when white Helleborus and white garden roses step in. Can you see the perfection in this wedding bouquet?


Wedding bouquet with blue orchids
Photo: @becessery_photographer


6. Mixing and Matching Sky Blue and Bright White Flowers in Huge Arches

As you may already know, arches are always a very important part of weddings and celebrations. They are like the main point of attraction where most of the most memorable and beautiful photos get captured. Mixing and matching colors such as sky blue and bright white will always be a good idea because they create a soft contrast and an alluring color palette that is easy to combine. This arch is the perfect example. The bride's white dress combines with the white flowers in the arch but the blue delphinium flowers (which are also a very popular wedding choice for decoration) add the final splash of color it needs.


Wedding arch with Thursd trend colors sky blue and bright white
Photo: @elegant_events_and_weddings_


7. Bye to Minimalist Designs - Hello to Over-the-Top Designs

The Regency era, known for its opulence, empire waistlines, and turbulent romances, is making a comeback, and not just in fashion. While celebrations are becoming smaller in size, couples are shifting away from minimalism and toward extravagant designs and a lot of people are here for it! A wedding is the ideal excuse to indulge in the escapism that many of us crave. With over-the-top floral designs in bright white tones such as this one, as a bride and groom, you'll be able to dive into your deepest fantasies while bringing your friends and family along!


Over the top designs with white flowers
Photo: @weddingchicks


8. Dramatical Bridal Entrance - A Wedding Trend for 2024

The bride and the setting will take the main stage in 2024. With Bright White as the Floral Trend Color for next year, it's easy to get creative as to what you want your wedding to look like, especially with the use of white blooms. In this case, dramatic bridal entrances with exceptionally phenomenal shapes will be seen all over wedding venues and events. This one showcases the ethereal and divine mix of gypsophila, aka 'baby's breath' as the main flower used in the composition, followed by a couple of roses placed in between the diminutive, fluffy gyp.


Gypsophila and white rose wedding sculpture
Photo: @weddingchicks


9. Flower Tunnels Forecasted to Trend in 2024

A huge tunnel filled with white roses and white hydrangeas? It's a definite YES! Not only will it be the main entrance to the most important event of your life, but it will instantly give people a feeling of aliveness. Roses, flowers, and nature make people feel alive and what better way to do it than by having a rose tunnel in white tones? To keep it classical, white tones are recommended rather than mixing with any other bolder color.


White rose flower tunnel
Photo: @eventchicdesigns


10. White Orchid Wedding Invasion

Orchids never get old but in 2024, they're more than ready to take over the flower world. Being placed in the spot of attention where the bride and the groom say 'I do', they make up for the perfect and most spectacular white flower decoration at any wedding. They hang, droop, and multiply their beauty within each other. They can easily be combined with the most popular wedding flower, white hydrangeas, to multiply the effect of a voluminous wedding spot.


White orchids in a wedding venue decor
Photo: @sarahhaywoodweddings


Excited for what is coming? The Thursd Floral Trend Colors of 2024 and its matching Trend Color Sky Palette are coming in strong and they'll be taking over major events and celebrations all over the world. Did you already know about last year's trend color? Check it out to see what went on and how it was used in floristry.


Sky Blue and Bright White Wedding scene
Photo: @katylunsfordphotography


Header image by @le_dany


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