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Virgin Farms has been serving the florist and event designers with signature first class flowers and service since 1997. Virgin Farms is a direct supplier of premium roses from Ecuador and a full line of floral products from around the world. Their proven system for growing, harvesting, packing and shipping only premium flowers is the reason you can trust your order will always be “First Class for Flowers” – even before you open the box! From your very first order, you’ll discover the joys of our First Class quality in every aspect of this company. Virgin Farms always known that in order to deliver First Class flowers every time, you have to start by picking First Class people. Every one of Virgin Farms Floral Specialists is thoroughly trained on their unique products, their quality control methods, and on providing the best customer service in the Floral Industry. Today, retail florists and professional event planners across the country count on Virgin Farms everyday to deliver their premium flowers. From the beginning, Virgin Farms committed to the most genetically superior floral stock raised on farms carefully selected for their ideally favourable growing conditions for each variety. That’s how they became known to the Retail Florist Industry as the First Class supplier of premium roses from Ecuador, now offering over 110 varieties of the most unique color creations ever developed. They also offer a First Class line of tropicals, mixed greens and other exotic flowers that carry the same quality and guarantee as their premium roses.

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Virgin Farms 8475 Northwest 66th Street, Miami, Florida, Verenigde Staten

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