Make the Surdiva® Collection Your Garden's Celebrity

Surdiva® garden plants are calling and they want to join your garden and outdoor spaces!

By: THURSD. | 15-01-2024 | 5 min read
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Surdiva pink by MNP Suntory

What to say about the Surdiva® collection by MNP / Suntory? They are otherwise known as a classic and sophisticated group of plants that exude elegance and style. With their distinctive fan-shaped flowers growing on short terminal spikes, they are reminiscent of the art-deco era and will add a touch of elegance to any garden. Are you curious to know more? Keep reading to make them the next feature in your outdoor spaces.

Enhance Your Garden With Surdiva® by MNP / Suntory

Have you ever felt like your garden and outdoor spaces need an uplift? A boost? The role of many flowering plants revolves around the enhancement and embellishment of outdoor spaces, especially in one of the most important ones of your home — your garden. Dutch breeders MNP / Suntory have a wide array of assortments that could transform your garden instantly.


Surdiva with lady on poster


This time, they showcase their Scaevola eamula collection as essential to bring forward the magic your garden beholds. But why exactly is the Surdiva® known as one of the favorite collections for plant lovers? One thing's for, color, and beauty are what they'll be putting on your backyard and overall environment.

When spring calls, this collection arrives to spread out colors, high branches, and wonderful hanging baskets performance. During 2022-23 Scaevola eamula was named consumers’ favourite plant of the year. Each plant within the collection is characterized by its remarkable richness in flowering, presenting a round shape and, in some cases, a super compact form to enhance the overall color impact. Their robust nature makes them highly resistant to scorching summers and gusty winds, ensuring a resilient and long-lasting bloom.


Showcasing the beautiful Surdiva Purple
Details of Surdiva® Purple


Key Features That’ll Make You Instantly Love the Surdiva® Collection

The fan-shaped flowers of the Surdiva® plants open with precision, creating stunning shades of colors that add a touch of elegance to any outdoor space. With the added benefit of being water-wise, these plants require only a small amount of water to flourish and bloom abundantly. This makes them not only visually appealing and greatly versatile but also environmentally friendly, aligning with the growing trend of sustainable gardening practices.


Surdiva white is perfect to hang in outdoor spaces
Surdiva® Snow Blanket adds charm to outdoor spaces when hanged


One of the standout features of the Surdiva® Collection is its versatility. These plants are not limited to traditional ground covering; they are equally well-suited for pots and hanging baskets. This adaptability allows gardeners to unleash their creativity, experimenting with various planting arrangements and designs. Whether adorning flower beds or suspended in elegant baskets, the Surdiva® plants bring color and charm to every corner of the garden.

Garden Celebrities in 6 Different Colors

This year, several new varieties have been introduced in the market and they're ready to be a part of your garden. Meet the complete Surdiva® collection coming in colors Lilac, Fashion Pink, Pink Compact, Blue Compact, Snow Blanket, and Purple.

Surdiva® Lilac

When Art Deco meets modern fashion Surdiva® Lilac comes up. More fan-shaped flowers in a new and particular color. So special in her
color, lighter and brighter than the other varieties. Richer in flowers and strong branches with the original and distinctive fan-shaped flowers on short terminal spikes. More elegance and softness for this charmer!


Surdiva lilac in an outdoor setting
Surdiva® Lilac


Surdiva® Fashion Pink

Surdiva® Fashion Pink is now its best version yet. In terms of color, it is shiner and more intense, and in terms of resistance, it withstands hot and cold weather. The tiny but very shiny flowers in this plant are going to shine from early spring until the weather gets hot in the summer season.


Surdiva Scaevola fashion pink variety
Surdiva® Fashion Pink


Surdiva® Pink Compact

As the name says, Surdiva® Pink Compact has a smaller size and shape if compared to a classic one, but same elegance and style. The new compact is stronger in branching, and the perfect size for growers and consumers. Small enough to be grown at her best, and outstandingly eye-catching as a decorative plant. Her compactness makes her more versatile than ever with her semi-mounding habits that show her pink-colored flowers from top to bottom.


A hanging basket with Surdiva Compact Pink
A hanging basket featuring Surdiva® Pink Compact


Surdiva® Blue Compact

Surdiva® Blue Compact suits best for hanging baskets and table pots, where she can stand perfectly catching the sun. On the other hand, she is very similar to the Pink Compact variety and shares the same characteristics when it comes to the key features. One thing is certain: these never go out of style.


Surdiva compact blue in a hanging basket
Surdiva® Blue Compact can be used as a hanging plant for your garden and outdoor spaces


Surdiva® Snow Blanket

The Snow Blanket variety is one of the Surdiva collection's most recent and most unique pieces. This novelty is snow-white in color, stronger, and has the richest flowering of any Scaevola variety. She is incredibly strong and grows more compactly than other varieties.


Surdiva Snow Blanket variety
Surdiva® Snow Blanket


Surdiva® Purple

Small, sparkling fans full of color cover the entire surface of the plant, creating a splendid composition of hues and flying basket flowers. Meet Surdiva® Purple, the perfect plant to elegantly adorn your garden or balcony.


Surdiva Scaevola Purple
Surdiva® Purple


Now that you have an idea of the existing varieties, which will be your next addition? Remember, your garden is a sacred and magical place that must be nourished for it to flourish every single day.


Photos courtesy of MNP / Suntory.


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