Get Compact and Trendy With Soirée™ Sweet Besties

Are you looking for your next garden companions? These might just be the perfect fit.

By: THURSD. | 15-01-2024 | 5 min read
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Soiree Catharanthus assortment

The most perfect summer flowers do indeed exist and best of all...they're grown only from cuttings, offering sweet advantages by the flowers that are soon to become your sweet besties. The Soirée™ collection will keep you the greatest and most colorful company for one of the favorite seasons of the year while making your garden a sweet and cute masterpiece. PS: They're a color bomb for your indoor spaces and will be a spectacle of their own when placed in your garden and decor spaces.

Treat Yourself to the Sweetness of Soirée™ by MNP / Suntory

The newest Soirée™ collection coming in five sweet colors has landed to make your garden soar to the next level. This exquisite collection of Catharanthus roseus has been cultivated by the finest growers in Europe, along with the creators themselves, MNP / Suntory, creating a fabulous collaboration with results that speak for themselves. All in all, what will make them an unconditional part of your garden sweetness? Here's extra information to know.


Soiree catharanthus light pink by MNP Suntory
Soirée™ Light Pink

One of their best features is their attractive foliage. Each leaf is a gem, with the ability to add instant charm to your garden or indoor space. What's even more special is their visual appeal, making them a stunning focal point in any setting. Since this plant boasts a compact growth habit, it is perfect for smaller gardens or limited indoor spaces, providing you yet with another benefit when incorporating Soirée™ in your desired spaces.

Sweetness That is Suitable for Small Pots

Yes, the benefits are endless and these cuties are ready to become your sweet besties! If you're more of a small plant person then this is for you. All five Soirée™ varieties are suitable for small pots. Additionally, they're the ideal companion for container gardening, giving you an extra activity to perform in your garden to beautify it even more. Sturdiness is one of their main features as well. If you didn't yet know, plants are built to withstand the test of time. These plants' sturdy nature ensures resilience against various environmental conditions, making them a reliable choice for both seasoned and novice gardeners who can enjoy the ease of caring.


Soiree catharanthus Cerise White Eye variety
Soirée™ Cerise White Eye


These plants are living proof that beauty can emerge from new and humble beginnings. These Catharanthus roseus varieties are grown from cuttings, making them have a robust structure, which as a result allows them to bloom exquisite flowers during summer. Small but mighty is what they like to be called because, despite their cuteness overload, they will surprise you by withstanding harsh weather conditions.


Zoom in of the Soiree Hot Pink variety
An astonishing zoom-in and detail of the Soirée™ Hot Pink


A Sweet Collection of Five Colors

In the assortment, five colors can create endless possibilities and combinations. Whether you prefer the purity of bright white, the soft allure of pink, or the bold richness of reddish shades, the collection offers a palette of possibilities for the garden. Or think boldly by mixing and matching them!  Meet the five winners of sweetness: Soirée™ White, Soirée™ Pink White Eye, Soirée™ Light Pink Dark Eye, Soirée™ Hot Pink, and Soirée™ Cerise White Eye. Summer is always a synonym for bold, candy-like colors. Shades of pink combined with whites will always be a sensational combo for the season. Have you chosen your favorite? Or better yet, take them all!


Outdoor flowering plant Soiree Cerise White Eye
Soirée™ Cerise White Eye


Soirée™ White

This sweet pot plant has bright white tiny flowers that contrast beautifully with the deep green foliage. It is only growing from cuttings, keeping it extremely hardy, and can thrive in outdoor spaces like balconies and gardens for two whole seasons from summer to late autumn. Additionally, it is highly resistant to rain, making it suitable for any climate, from the Mediterranean to the coldest northern European climates.


Soiree White variety for indoor and garden spaces
Soirée™ White


Soirée™ Pink White Eye

The beauty of the tiny flower is remarkable. From the striking white circle that catches the eye to the speck of yellow at its center, the Pink White Eye variety can be used endlessly to obtain a very colorful and summery result.


Soiree Pink White Eye with the white center
Soirée™ Pink White Eye


Soirée™ Light Pink Dark Eye

Soirée® Dark Pink White Eye was the variety that received the most likes and admiration when MNP / Suntory first introduced their collection to the public. They encourage you to explore the entire collection and discover the unique beauty of each variety.


Soiree Light Pink Eye variety
Soirée™ Light Pink Dark Eye


Soirée™ Hot Pink

This astonishing potted plant showcases stunning hot pink flowers that contrast beautifully with lush green foliage. Its resilience and ability to thrive in various outdoor spaces from summer to late autumn is proof of the plant’s enduring spirit.


Soiree Hot Pink in a pot and outdoor space
Soirée™ Hot Pink featured in an outdoor space


Soirée™ Cerise White Eye

Picture a basket of sparkling cherries bursting with color. That’s the beauty that sweet little Catharanthus flowers can bring to your garden. The Cerise variety is particularly striking with its bold, high-contrast colors. These flowers are perfect for any pot size and bring joy and wonder to any space.


Soiree Cerise White eye
Soirée™ Cerise White Eye


Catharanthus roseus is effortless to care for which makes them an ideal plant to have in your garden or indoor spaces. They root in only 2–3 weeks and do not need much water. They privilege any pot with easy-draining water systems. You get the best of both worlds: bold color for your surroundings and easy maintenance!


The perfect outdoor plant Soiree assortment by MNP Suntory
Soirée™ varieties are perfect to place in small pots


Looking for your next summer companions? These might just be it. Soirée™ by MNP / Suntory is a symbol of a strong, innovative brand that brings freshness and sweetness to the gardening world with acclaimed trust in the quality, reliability, and modern appeal that defines the brand.


The beauty and patterns of Soiree Light Pink Dark Eye
Soirée™ Light Pink Dark Eye


Photos courtesy of MNP / Suntory.


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