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Emphasizing the trust and strength in our relationships

By: THURSD. | 17-06-2021 | 4 min read
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At Red Lands Roses we are proud of our products, the most beautiful roses in the world. And we are proud of our people, both the workers at our farm and our clients. We work to ensure that we always meet the high standards and expectations of everyone around the world who buys a flower from Red Lands Roses.

Ask and Listen

It is of paramount importance to ask your clients' opinions and to listen to them for continuous improvement. Therefore, it is with pride that we would like to share with you some of the comments and testimonials from our valued clients. As you will see, we are very transparent about who our clients are, and they are open in return about their relationship with Red Lands Roses. That is quite unique in today's world, and it emphasizes the trust and strength in the relationships between our farm and our clients.

Maxime François from Fleurassistance in Rungis, Tours, Orléans, and Hodent (France)

Red Lands Roses & Fleurassistance Love Story Our relation began in 1998 when Red Lands Roses harvested its first flowers. From the beginning, we understood that something was different: this is a high-quality focused company. Our relation reached its peak when Red Lands Roses started to grow spray roses and became the international reference for these, always copied but never matched.
Now, for our customers (florists in Paris like Eric Chauvin, Cécile from OZ Garden, Luc Bartlet, but also palaces hotels, ...) to have sprays from Red Lands Roses is a must. And even more since the Mini Must series - lovely tiny flowers, looking like a bush!
Florists do appreciate, among others, Julietta and Pavlova (both from Delbard breeder), Muriel and Nude Lace, Belle Rose which in this case is aptly named, and La Parisienne, of course. As far as I am concerned, my favorites are Lady Killer, an incredibly - and unique - perfumed red T-hybrid. Another favorite is a novelty, Gentle Trendsetter with its cup form bud and delicate clear salmon color: at the moment a 'must-have' for our smart customers flowering weddings. No doubt that Red Lands Roses has contributed to our reputation as a wholesaler proposing unique spray roses all over the Paris area and sometimes elsewhere in France, for which Red Lands Roses gave us the exclusivity. Thank you to the Red Lands Roses team and particularly to Isabelle whose talent to discover the future best-sellers is internationally recognized.

Fabio Baggio from Flexin in Borso del Grappa, Treviso (Italy)

Who is Red Lands Roses for Flexin clients? Red Lands Roses means premium and constant quality, reliability, and trust. And also strong stems, and bright colors, a steady and wide products range. These features have become a hallmark recognized in all of Europe.
TOTF2021SE 06 Red Lands Roses 12 Flexin
Fabio Baggio at Red Lands Roses
From our side as Flexin, we supply the European market with the best quality products from all over the world and this started the profitable business relationship between our company and the farm Red Lands Roses, who already were well known for their top quality products.
The most sold products from our clients are the spray roses, one of the best products grown in Kenya that don’t need any presentation... all our customers love them! Thanks to the year-after-year together growth Red Lands became an important source from Africa. This gave us the opportunity to satisfy our client with high-quality flowers.
TOTF2021SE 06 Red Lands Roses 11 Flexin
Isabelle Spindler from Red Lands Roses with Fabio Baggio

Joan Liu from Self Love in Guangzhou (China)

"Self Love" was established in 2020 by three founders who have overseas study/working experience. The company focuses on online flower selling; almost all orders are placed before the flight arrives, which ensures all flowers are handled with professional care and are repacked before they will be sent via express parcels. We sell more than 200 boxes in each shipment, of which over 70 percent comes from Red Lands Roses. Our young, vibrant, and energetic team has an average age of 30 years. This team contributes much effort to build up a very close relationship with clients. By observing and analyzing the online fresh flower industry, we create a consumer profile. We know that 99 percent of our consumers are females, born after 1990, spend plenty of time on social media. These young girls are addicted to 'unlock' all the new flower varieties and show them off on social media.
Red Lands Roses provides a perfect range of products to them, with over 200 varieties to choose from. I encourage my clients to 'unlock' as many varieties as they can, by awarding those who collect the Red Land Roses tags. The supply chain stands at the key position in the fresh flower industry. I feel so lucky that I am able to meet with Isabella and Red Lands Roses. The wide range of varieties and fantastic quality make Red Lands Roses become the most popular brand in China. "Self Love" gains an unbeatable position in the market by providing Red Lands Roses' roses.

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