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FleurAssistance is a wholesale importer of cut flowers and fresh leaves from all over the world. We started in 1979 on the Rungis Market, near Paris, where we have an air-conditioned sales area of nearly 1,000m². After forging a solid reputation in the Ile-de-France market, FleurAssistance opened in Orléans (2005), Tours (2007), and Magny-en-Vexin (between Paris and Rouen) in 2012. On each site, next to cut flowers and foliage, our partners PlantAssistance, Le Comptoir des Fleuristes, Fournicash, and La Fournithèque offer you the best of potted plants, accessories, and decorations. In addition to French and European production, we developed, from the beginning of the 1990s, direct imports from Kenya, Ecuador, Colombia, etc.

Florists and Decorators

We have more than forty experienced employees, mainly composed of florists and decorators. Our customers benefit from the largest choice, the best quality, and the greatest freshness from Monday to Saturday, from early morning to late. in the evening, including certain holidays and Sundays.


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FleurAssistance FleurAssistance, Rungis MIN, Bâtiment C1, Fleurs 437, Rue du Pont des Halles, 94638 Chevilly-Larue, France

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