BFA Awards During FloriCon 2023 Featured
Experience FloriCon 2023 - The BFA Awards Evening and Conference for British Florists A visitor's recap of what was going on in Loughborough, England during this amazing event for British floristry.
Oct 25 | 7 min read
Winning Strategies for Floristry Competitions
Winning Strategies for Floristry Competitions Join Karen Barnes' masterclass where she is sharing everything about her winning and most successful floral competition methods.
May 24 | 3 min read
Corrine Heck CEO Details Flowers Software Judging Voyage Fleurs de Villes Bal Harbour Miami
Judging Voyage by Fleurs de Villes Bal Harbour She tells about the extravagant designs and how detailed they were. It's a blessing so many floral designers did an amazing job.
Apr 14 | 6 min read
Inc. Female Founders 200 Honoree 2023 Corrine Heck
Corrine Heck Makes Inc.’s 2023 Female Founders List This is an incredible achievement for Details Flowers Software representing Central Florida and the Floral Industry.
Apr 12 | 4 min read
Engagement Flowers Featurred
Surviving Engagement Season On average, 1.8M couples become engaged each year, and a lot of them will be shopping around for their wedding flowers.
Calendar with floral events and conventions featured
Two Companies Launch the First Comprehensive Calendar of Events in the Floral Industry Check out the newest calendar created by New Bloom Solutions and All Above Flowers which reveals floral events and conventions happening this year.
Feb 01 | 4 min read
Details Flowers Software feature square on Thursd
Details Flowers Launches a Groundbreaking Partnership An innovative program launch is just the right way to kick off a new year and here's how this floral digital software company has nailed it.
Jan 18 | 3 min read
Planning an Event Featured
Planning an Event Has Never Been Easier With Details Flowers Software you have so many tools to make it easier to make proposals and organize flowers for weddings and events smoothly.
Jan 11 | 5 min read
Amy Balsters, Ryan Black, Sahid Nahim and Melanie Spilbeler and Corrine Heck on Thursd
It's Time to Get Your Business Marketing in Shape From staying on top of industry trends to connecting with your audience, great marketing is essential for a growing business.
Jan 05 | 4 min read
How to Incorporate a Trend Color (7)
How to Incorporate a Trend Color Like Passion Red and Viva Magenta in Your Proposal Details Flowers Software has many tools in its program. With a 15-minute virtual tour, you can find out if it's possible to add color easily to your proposals.
Jan 04 | 5 min read
Florists' Review Jules Lewis Gibson on Thursd
An Exclusive Interview With Florists' Review Jules Lewis Gibson On a beautiful terrace in Sarasota Florida, nearby the head office of the magazine, Jules talks about her life.
Nov 30 | 8 min read
Details Flowers Software for Europe feature on Thursd
Details Flowers Software Has News for European Florists and Designers Looking for a better streamline, organization, and planners that aid you in weddings and events? This software is here to help you, and now available in Europe.
Oct 18 | 4 min read

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