The Secrets of Cymbidium Centerpieces With Joseph Massie - The Simplest Cymbidium Centerpiece

"The strength of this simple design is its adaptability."

By: THURSD. | 17-11-2022 | 2 min read
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In this free tutorial series, top floral designer Joseph Massie shares three stunning creations, designed to transform an exclusive dinner party, or all-out show-stopping celebration using his favorite cymbidium blooms. This is the 1st chapter of Joseph's tutorial.

Three Distinct Cymbidium Designs

First, a brief explanation of what to expect in the three chapters of this cymbidium tutorial.

The three distinct designs, ranging from very accessible pieces for everyone to try, to more advanced creations, are summarized below. Be sure to watch the full video for more hints and tips from Joseph himself as he reveals how to get more bang for your buck and explores the versatility of this glorious bloom.


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Simple Cymbidium tutorial 2 by Joseph Massie on Thursd


Chapter 1 - The Simplest Cymbidium Centerpiece

Joseph demonstrates how you can quickly achieve stunning results using a few choice cymbidium stems (in this example a beautiful golden, copper, and true yellow), embellished with some incredible autumnal ingredients, and a selection of pretty mix-and-match bottles in a variety of sizes.

Having selected vases that work visually together, Joseph recommends positioning the larger of the vases in the center of your display, with smaller ones placed on the outside and filled with water ready to use.


Simple Cymbidium by Joseph Massie on Thursd


There is no doubt about it, Cymbidium offers florists superior value for money, and Joseph demonstrates this beautifully by dividing one stem into smaller stems, filling several vases, and creating an instant carpet of texture, mood, and color across the display.

Joseph then adds depth to the composition with the careful addition of taller blooms in the same golden color palette to add height, volume, and visual tension, whilst excess cymbidium flower heads are clustered at the base of the vases to add a final layer of interest to this glorious contemporary design. Check this YouTube video:



Joseph's Tip: The strength of this simple design is its adaptability. The collection of vessels can be easily styled up or down, suiting both intimate and larger occasions as well as the amount of floral product you wish to use. 

To find out more about the wealth of ways to work with cymbidium, as well as free promotional tools and advice, visit


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Be sure to also check part 2 - The Stylish Cymbidium Centerpiece & part 3 - The Spectacular Cymbidium Centerpiece of this tutorial by Joseph Massie.


To find out more about the wealth of ways to work with cymbidium, as well as free promotional tools and advice, visit



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