United Selections & Könst Alstroemeria Invite You to IFTEX 2022 in Nairobi, Kenya

The breeders of top-quality roses and alstroemerias are elated and excited to welcome you to booth B5.01 from 30th of May until the 1st of June.

By: THURSD. | 19-05-2022 | 3 min read
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United Selections and Könst Alstroemeria IFTEX 2022 - header on Thursd

After the COVID-19 disruption, gladly IFTEX is back again. The floral community is elated and excited to participate after two years of social distancing. United Selections and Könst Alstroemeria will be having a joint stand during this year’s IFTEX, and this is why you should make time to visit their stand.

IFTEX Booth B5.01

The joint booth B5.01 will be colored with intrigued rose and alstroemeria varieties, which will be of interest to you. Both United Selections and Könst Alstroemeria invite you to register with the below link. This way they will be notified that you will be visiting their booth during the show.

Event details for preparation:
Venue: Visa Oshwal Centre in Nairobi, Kenya
Exhibition days: Monday 30th of May - Wednesday 1st of June 2022
Opening hours: 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM daily
Booth #: B5.01

Sneak Peek at Some Highlights

Here are a few highlights to look forward to, when visiting booth B5.01.

Rose High Key

High Key is a bi-colored rose, with a warm and vibrant character to it. This rose is ideal for any mixed bouquet and even good for mono-arrangements. High Key is proudly grown by Bilashaka Flowers and a substantial amount of flowers are available at the auction clocks weekly.


United Selections IFTEX 2022 Rose High Key - on Thursd
Rose High Key


Rose Nova Vita

Being a new premium white rose, this beautiful rose is not only impressive on the vase but its pure white color and big head will wow you. Nova Vita will be showcased during the show and do not just take our word for it, but please visit United Selections’ stand to review this beautiful rose personally.


United Selections IFTEX 2022 Rose Nova Vita - on Thursd
Rose Nova Vita


Spray Rose Golden Blossoms

The United Selections Blossoms series is made of intriguing colors of spray roses, suitable for different markets. One of such Blossoms spray roses that has gained a lot of traction in past months is Golden Blossoms. Golden Blossoms is a yellow-colored spray rose, with a well-balanced bud size. On average the rose has a minimum of 6 buds per stem.


United Selections IFTEX 2022 Spray Rose Golden Blossoms - on Thursd
Spray Rose Golden Blossoms


Additional highlights to also look forward to are:

Rose Rise & Shine

United Selections IFTEX 2022 Rose Rise & Shine - on Thursd
Rose Rise & Shine


Spray Rose Sunset Magic

United Selections IFTEX 2022 Spray Rose Sunset Magic - on Thursd
Spray Rose Sunset Magic


Könst Alstroemeria at IFTEX

Könst Alstroemeria will be showcasing different alstroemeria varieties as well. The following are some of the key highlights to expect.

Alstroemeria Napoli

Könst Alstroemeria IFTEX 2022 Alstroemeria Napoli - on Thursd
Alstroemeria Napoli


Alstroemeria Dubai

Könst Alstroemeria IFTEX 2022 Alstroemeria Dubai - on Thursd
Alstroemeria Dubai


Alstroemeria Prestige


Könst Alstroemeria IFTEX 2022 Alstroemeria Prestige - on Thursd
Alstroemeria Prestige


Alstroemeria Stephanie

Alstroemeria Stephanie is a soft pink beauty. It takes a few days to come to its full color, but then you will enjoy this lovely flower for a long time. Stephanie is dressed for any occasion, in every moment of the year. The flower is available year-round and its color fits with practically any floral arrangement.


Könst Alstroemeria IFTEX 2022 Alstroemeria Stephanie - on Thursd
Alstroemeria Stephanie


Anticipation Info

Last January United Selections and Könst Alstroeemria hosted their Open Days. So, for a little pre-fun prior to your IFTEX visit, read this article: 

United Selections Hosted Successful Open Days - This showcase of established commercial brands and newly promoted selections was well received with great attendance from Kenyan and Ugandan growers.


United Selections Banner on Thursd 2022-01 Rose High Key



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