What Are the Wedding Flowers for 2021?

Possibilities will hopefully start blooming again for these floral wedding beauties

By: THURSD. | 14-04-2021 | 2 min read

Even though weddings will require a bit more planning this year than ever before, the 2021 wedding flowers trends do not disappoint. Due to the pandemic, weddings these days are taking on all different kinds of shapes and forms, but flowers thankfully remain a staple for many celebrations.

Wedding Flowers Are Here to Make an Impact

As the pandemic hit last year, it forced a shift in many industries, including the wedding industry, and flowers were definitely affected by this as well. The demand went down, many flowers had to be thrown away, and growers, traders, and florists all had to make adjustments to make it through the year. We're not out of the woods yet in 2021 but with a bit more wiggle room, possibilities start blooming again. In whatever form or color, wedding flowers have always been there to make an impact. From romantic bouquets to lush, eye-catching backdrops, flowers are the perfect way to breathe some color and life into someone's special day. Especially in 2021, with generally smaller and more inmate wedding parties and slightly bigger flower budgets, it's time to go all out with spectacular florals in popping colors. With that being said, it's time to talk flowers. Which flowers are we definitely going to see adorn the wedding aisles and tablescapes this year? Continue reading to find out.


What Are the Wedding Flowers for 2021 - Photo by Stephanie Price and florals by Texture Florals - gypsophilia and roses - on thursd Image courtesy Stephanie Price for Texture Florals



What Are the Wedding Flowers for 2021 - anthurium arrangement - seedflora - peonies - on thursd Image courtesy Seed Flora



What Are the Wedding Flowers for 2021 - protea wedding bouquet - source martha stewart weddings - on thursd Image courtesy Martha Stewart Weddings



What Are the Wedding Flowers for 2021 - anthurium arrangement - by kadou floral artistry - on thursd Image courtesy Kadou floral artistry


Blushing Bride

What Are the Wedding Flowers for 2021 - Vogue bouquet of blushing bride flowers - on thursd Image courtesy Vogue


Sweet pea

What Are the Wedding Flowers for 2021 - Once wed - sweet peas - on thursd
Image courtesy Once Wed


What Are the Wedding Flowers for 2021 - dahlias - floret flower - on thursd Image courtesy Foret Flower


What Are the Wedding Flowers for 2021 - hydrangeas wedding flowers - Photo Martina Skrobot Photography - on thursd Image courtesy Martina Skrobot Photography via Ruffled Blog

Sun Palm

What Are the Wedding Flowers for 2021 - sunpalms wedding flowers - credits 100 layer cake - on thursd Image courtesy 100 Layer Cake


What Are the Wedding Flowers for 2021 - Janne Ford Photography - Keira (Ausboxer) rose - on thursd
Image courtesy Janne Ford Photography of the Keira (Ausboxer) rose


What Are the Wedding Flowers for 2021 - calla flowers as wedding flower - Angie Silvy Photography + Gloria Wong Design - on thursd


Queen Anne’s Lace

Queen anne’s lace flower wedding - wildflower bouquets - by tailor and table - on thursd Image courtesy Tailor & Table



Jennifer-Pinder-Floral-Styling - scabiosa scoop on thursd - wedding flowers 2021
Dark Sabiosa blackberry scoop in a design (and image) by Jennifer Pinder Floral Styling


TJ McGrath design - lisianthus wedding flowers - on thursd Image courtesy TJ McGrath design



Wedding Sparrow - deconstructed bouquet of ranunculus, hellebore - wild florette on thursd
A flat lay of a deconstructed bouquet with hellebore - image courtesy Wild Florette


IAMFLOWER design for a Phuket wedding - orchid wedding flower - on thursd
Image courtesy I Am Flower



Senecio, Asparagus Fern, Mimosa, Eucalyptus - Floren Studio - wedding flowers 2021 - on thursd
Foliage bouquet with Senecio Cineraria, Asparagus Fern, Mimosa, Eucalyptus



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