White O'Hara Roses of Delbard Are Just Amazing

A closer look at these wonderful roses from different farms around the world.

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White O’Hara roses originate from France and are made by a French breeder. They have a slight ivory tinge at the center of the flower, that opens up fully in a quartered way. Quite a few farms in the world produce large amounts of this wonderful blush rose. Rose White O'Hara is quite common nowadays.

White O’Hara Roses From Different Places Are All Slightly Different

Did you know that White O’Hara roses from different growers in different countries and different altitudes, don’t look exactly the same? They sometimes even have a slightly different scent.


White O Hara rose on Thursd - on table


White O'Hara Roses Are Scented Garden Roses

While the name of this variety is called White O’Hara, the petals of this beautiful garden rose have a touch of pink that gives it a blush tone. The rose has a so-called traditional rose shape but is filled with layers and layers of petals that give a wonderful rose scent.

The White O'Hara Rose Study - Roses From Different Heights Around the Globe

White O'Hara roses are grown all over the world. They are created by French rose breeder Georges Delbard, and the roses discussed in this 'White O'Hara rose study' come from five different commercial growers around the globe.


White O'Hara roses on Thursd
Six bunches of White O'Hara roses from five different farms from all around the globe. On the top left, you see two bunches from 2,600 meters From Kenya, the top right is again from Kenya, from 2,000 meters altitude, the middle right is Colombia 2,500 meters altitude, the center is also Kenya 2,600 meters altitude (different farm), and at the bottom is Ecuador 3,200 meters altitude.
Three of them come from Kenya; from a farm at 2,000 meters and 2 different farms that grow at 2,600 meters altitude. One comes from a farm in Colombia at 2,500 meters altitude and one from Ecuador at 3,200 meters above sea level. How different would they be?

White O'Hara From Ecuador - 3,200 Meters

Thick stems and large buds. You can see immediately that these flowers come from Ecuador. Because of the height, and because the farms where these roses are grown are close to the equator, circumstances are ideal to grow large-headed, tall roses.



In these circumstances, roses tend to grow a bit slower, which creates thicker stems and larger heads. Opening up in the vase takes a bit longer therefore too. After 5 days all flowers were slightly open and almost ready to use for open bloom decorations.



White O'Hara Roses From Colombia - 2,500 Meters

It is obvious that these flowers come from a specialist garden rose grower. The packaging is very good, and not even one damaged petal is to be found. Stems are a bit thinner than the flowers from Ecuador, and the flowers are a little less white and green, and a bit more blush pink. The scent is a bit stronger when flowers arrive, and about the same when flowers have fully opened up. Flowers are sourced from Alexandra Farms



After 5 days almost all flowers are ready to use, ideally would be to count 6 days at room temperature.



White O'Hara Roses From Kenya - 2,600 Meters (2 Farms)

These White O'Hara roses are also large-budded with heavy stems. The flowers open up nicely and have a strong scent. There's not much difference between the two, which can be explained that the two farms grom in similar circumstances. Can you spot the difference upon arrival of the two different farms? These roses are sourced from Uhuru Flowers and Tambuzi



Also when the flowers start to bloom, there's not much difference between the two. Selecting random two roses, of course, they are different, but color shades, as well as scent and thickness of the stems, and buds, there's hardly any difference to be noticed. Both are ready for use after 5 days.



White O'Hara Roses From Kenya - 2,000 Meters

Ideal for a lighter wedding bouquet. The stems are much thinner, which enables the flowers to show more movement in the designs.



Because of the lower altitude, the flowers grow quicker, and therefore also open up quicker. The scent is the strongest and freshest of the four. Wait no longer than 5 days, as they open quickly. These roses are sourced from Tambuzi


Delbard Banner on Thursd



No matter the source, high or lower altitudes, the rose White O’Hara is always a very fragrant rose and suited for weddings and special events. And any other use. A White O'Hara rose is hardy to ship and her vase life is extraordinary. A perfect blush-white garden rose! When you decide to choose low or high-altitude White O'Hara roses, you are always sure the roses will not disappoint you. These roses are a safe choice for any use.


White O'Hara roses in large bouquet


Specs of the White O'Hara Roses

Below is a Timelapse made by Alexandra Farms.



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