Zabo Plant Creates Top Brands in Flower Bulbs and Tubers

In the world of horticulture, this grower and exporter stands as a name associated with enduring quality and sustainable innovation.

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Zabo Plant is a specialized bulb and tuber grower and exporter that has been flourishing since its inception in 1984. In the world of horticulture, Zabo Plant stands as a name associated with enduring quality and innovation. This company has garnered a well-earned reputation for delivering premium lily bulbs and calla tubers to floral enthusiasts worldwide. So, if you're a grower, trader, or florist looking for top-notch lily bulbs and calla tubers, you've come to the right place to learn more about Zabo Plant.

A Consistent Standard of Excellence

Over the past three decades, Zabo Plant's commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry has been evident. They continuously refresh their product range while maintaining a consistent standard of excellence. Their position among the top 5 lily bulb exporters in the Netherlands speaks to their dedication.


Zabo Plant introduction quote


Lily Tigerwoods
Lily Tigerwoods


The Zabo Plant headquarters is located in 't Zand, way up north in the province of North Holland to be able to operate among the growers and to move with the market. Their primary customer base consists of professional potted plant and cut flower producers. The meticulous care of their high-tech cooling facilities ensures the optimal processing and storage of their products.

This grower and exporter fosters strong partnerships with top bulb, flower, and potted plant growers - both domestically and internationally - and with Bloomlily® - a brand, cooperation, and innovation of professional Dutch lily companies to develop, introduce, and produce the most sustainable lilies by new breeding, research, produce and marketing method.

Zabo Plant's selection process considers factors such as color, vigor, shelf life, and plant design, resulting in a curated collection of top-quality products.

Roselily & Lily Looks

Noteworthy is Zabo Plant's association with two respected brands in the flower bulb industry – Roselily (the beautiful double-flowered and pollen-free Oriental Lilies) and Lily Looks (number 1 worldwide in pot lilies). These brands offer customers access to respectively double-flowering lilies and genetically compact potted lilies, promising a consistent stream of innovative floral offerings.

Zabo Plant is a dealer of the Lily Looks brand, number 1 worldwide in pot lilies.


Couple in a pergola with roselilies
Roselilies design. Photo by Roselily on @zaboplant


Around the Globe

In order to serve markets better on other continents Zabo Plant has established subsidiary corporations in the US and Chile. But it all began in the Netherlands.

Zabo Plant's main farm in the Netherlands is a hub of activity, growing a wide variety of plants, including houseplants, garden plants, and more. The Dutch love their plants, and Zabo Plant is there to meet the demand.

Since the year 2000, their North American clients have been welcome to Zabo Plant Inc. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This subsidiary corporation caters to the North American market, providing conditioned storage and expedited shipping to maintain product integrity. Their approach blends global expertise with personalized service, thanks to streamlined communication lines that facilitate superior customer support.


Lily Sweet Zanica
Lily Sweet Zanica


Valdivia Lilies, a venture into Chile established in 2013, is one of Zabo Plant's crowning achievements. The Commune of Valdivia, from a territorial perspective, is part of the so-called 'Valdivian Ecoregion', whose natural characteristics and morphology allow it to be associated with various productive sectors with a clear agricultural vocation at the coast, on the central plain and in the Andes Mountains.

The optimal and stable growing conditions in Chile allow Valdivia Lilies to provide fresh and healthy bulbs year-round. This ensures fresh flowers and top-quality pot plants in a period that these would otherwise not be available in the northern hemisphere, enhancing special occasions like Valentine's Day, Easter, and Mother's Day.


Valdivia Lilies production in Chile
Clipping the flowers at Valdivia Lilies, before they will grow too thick in the wrong sizes


Calla Tubers

In 2018, Zabo Plant expanded its offerings to include callas. These elegant flowers, also known as zantedeschias, are prized for their unique appearance, diverse color range, and impressive vase life, making them a favored choice for clients seeking sophistication in their floral arrangements.

Through an extensive national and international network, Zabo Plant extends an invitation to clients to leverage their extensive knowledge base. From breeding to sales, Zabo Plant collaborates with top tuber breeders, potted plant growers, and cut flower producers, ensuring consistently superior products and services.


Zantedeschia Zazu by Zabo Plant
Zantedeschia Zazu


Zabo Plant's Sustainable Mission

Sustainability isn't just a buzzword for Zabo Plant; it's at the core of their green mission. Their commitment to sustainability is evident in several key ways.

This grower and exporter has recently hired a cultivation specialist, who does a lot of testing with biological protection. This has yielded quite interesting findings. For example, Zabo Plant tries to create a biosphere in its greenhouse with certain plants and animals where all pests are controlled by their natural enemy instead of chemical pesticides. By designing its greenhouse to house parasitic wasps, for example, you can suppress the aphid population without poison.

But he also conducts experiments to extend the vase life of lilies, allowing buds to open simultaneously and nutritional alternatives.

It's a mission on its own for Zabo Plant to be self-sufficient in its power supply; machines like forklift trucks, packing machines, and cooling installations draw a lot of power, especially when temperatures are high. To this end, Zabo aims at solar panels, and to store electricity in batteries, but also in wind turbines to absorb the sunless moments.


Lily Summer Sun
Lily Summer Sun


Zabo Plant's Explainer Videos

On its YouTube Channel Zabo Plants opens its doors for you to take a look behind this forward company. This series of interesting 30 to 80-second explainer videos is the fastest way to get acquainted with how this company works.


1. Harvesting Lily Bulbs


2. Processing at the Growers


3. Sorting at the Growers Facility


4. Plant Docking Station


5. Plant Rinsing Machine


6. Plant Packaging Machine


7. Plant Storage Facilities


Cultivating a Greener Future for Us All

And there you have it, folks – Zabo Plant's global presence and its dedication to sustainability. They're not just growing plants; they're cultivating a greener future for us all. Zabo Plant's legacy of excellence and commitment to enhancing the world of floristry is evident. Whether you're a florist seeking top-tier lily bulbs and calla tubers or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of flowers, Zabo Plant is here to enrich your world, one blossom at a time.


All photos and videos courtesy of Zabo Plant, unless otherwise mentioned.


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