A Brunch in the Forest With Roses Golden & Gentle Trendsetter

A hushed and cozy atmosphere surrounded by nature

By: CATHERINE JOYAUX CORSELLI | 23-08-2021 | 1 min read
What could be more romantic than having brunch in the forest on a hot summer day?

Spray Rose Golden Trendsetter and Gentle Trendsetter

This is what inspired me with the garden spray roses Golden Trendsetter and Gentle Trendsetter, in warm and bright colors, by creating this gourmet table runner under the canopy of trees.    

Majestic & Sweet

Despite its sharp thorns, the Golden Trendsetter has an architectural flower structure, very generous petals, a majestic and straight vase hold, with a very sharp lemon yellow color. In opposition to the Gentle Trendsetter, which is softer, with sweet and powdery petals and a supple and relaxed allure.   A Trendsetter Rose Brunch in the Forest   The marriage of the two varieties with saffron yellow gomphrenas and underwood grasses gives that hushed and cozy atmosphere of a brunch surrounded by nature. The few sunflower heads bring freshness to the scene. An invitation to take a nap!    

Red Lands Roses

Spray garden roses that inspired me for my brunch in the forest, Golden Trendsetter, and Gentle Trendsetter are grown in Kenya by Red Lands Roses.   A Trendsetter Rose Brunch in the Forest   Button-Where-to-Find-this-Product  
Mariage Hors Série Florist on Thursd Catherine Joyaux from Mariage Hors Série
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Catherine Joyaux Corselli

I love seasonal flowers, garden and spray roses, peonies, and sweet peas. I love to glean what surrounds us in our gardens or in my Berry countryside where I live with my family. Above all, I like creating arrangements, on a large scale or even practicing Land Art for my clients' weddings and professional events. I have the desire to create ephemeral festive scenes for my clients. For over a decade I have taken pleasure in giving flower art classes to my students in a spirit of transmission, passion, and conviviality. I created the “École du Bouquet”, which brings together flower and floral enthusiasts all year round, from all over France.



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