Floral Industry Trends 2022 - Best Colors, Styles, and Designs for the Flower Industry

These trends are going to affect the entire year and impact your business, making it essential to be aware of them.

By: SAHID NAHIM | 15-02-2022 | 3 min read

The floral industry is a constantly evolving one. Considering that the industry changes every year, there’s a lot in store for 2022 floral industry colors, styles, and designs. These are going to affect the entire year and impact your business, making it essential to be aware of them. Let’s check out the top floral industry trends of 2022 below.

Floral Industry Color Trends

Color trends change from year to year. Last year, we saw the floral industry dominated by the Pantone Colors of the Year, Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. In 2022, we’re seeing even more color trends, especially those popularized by Pantone, Behr, Benjamin Moore, and others.


Floral Industry Trends 2022 - on Thursd


Bold and Vibrant Colors

Neutrals aren’t disappearing but a major floral industry trend in 2022 is embracing bolder colors. Celebrations are back and the world is looking for brighter alternatives and pops of color. Many companies have stuck with greens, but Pantone made waves when it announced its pick. The Pantone Color of the Year 2022 is a beautiful periwinkle called Very Peri. According to the executive director of Pantone, the blue undertones bring in calmness and trust while the violent-red undertone is representative of the creativity and joy that we’re bringing to the new year.


Pantone color of the year 2022 Very Peri - on Thursd

Very Peri via Pantone


WSGN’s pick is also a bright one, a stunning magenta tone called Orchid Flower. While Etsy has stuck to green, its pick differs from other greens. Instead of being earthy, it’s more jewel-toned. The rich emerald green is definitely part of the bold color trend for 2022.


Images via WGSN & House Beautiful


Muted Greens

Green has been a trending color for the past few years and continues to dominate floral industry trends. Some of the top paint brands have said as much, with Behr choosing Breezeway as its Color of the Year. This pastel green with blue undertones is particularly calming. Benjamin Moore, on the other hand, went with a sage green called October Mist while Sherwin-Williams opted for a similar cool-toned green called Evergreen Fog.


Sherwin-Williams color of the year 2022 Evergreen Fog - on Thursd

Evergreen Fog via Sherwin-Williams


Floral Industry Style Trends

So, this is what the floral industry in 2022 is about. These are this year's floral industry style trends.

Wild and Spontaneous Arrangements 

2022 is all about wild, more spontaneous arrangements. The unfinished and non-perfect look continues to reign, emphasizing organic styles that aren’t too styled. Free-flowing flowers with visible stems are going to be especially popular. The Flower Council of Holland UK has emphasized the importance of more carefree and relaxed styling as well.


Floral Industry Trends 2022 - Wild and Spontaneous bouquet - on Thursd

Floral design via @thegardengateflowerco


Mixing and Matching

Dried flowers have been popular the last couple of years, and they’re not going anywhere. In fact, mixing and matching have become an even more popular floral industry trend. Designers are mixing dried flower elements with fresh flowers to benefit from both color and texture. 


Images via @_pine_design_ & @attisfloraldesign


Floral Industry Design Trends

Check these 2022 floral industry design trends.

Interior-Oriented Designs 

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic is continuing into 2022. With more lockdowns and restrictions seen throughout the world, interior-oriented designs are definitely at the forefront of floral industry trends and design. In addition to more containers being used, we’re going to see many more plants, especially hydroponic and air plants.


Floral Industry Trends 2022 - Houseplants and hydroponics - on Thursd


Minimalist and Simple 

Minimalism isn’t going anywhere and the floral industry is fully embracing simplicity. With the last few complicated years the world has had, there’s no better time than 2022 to opt for more soothing and simple designs. Instead of adding too many varieties, designers will focus on one or two main flower varieties and use greens, fillers, and dried flowers to add to the arrangements. 


Floral Industry Trends 2022 - Minimalistic Floral Design - on Thursd

Design by @yunuskarma


Floral Industry Trends 2022 - Minimalistic Floral Design - on Thursd

Design by @thecuriousflorist


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