I Am Woman - I Am Flower

"I use the language of flowers, they are my medium, they make me understand myself, they make my life whole, they make me Woman."

By: BETH O'REILLY AIFD | 28-02-2024 | 3 min read
Floral Designs

Back in the 90s when I first discovered flowers, I never imagined it would lead me on this journey of a lifetime. I remember the moment I realized that a flower actually holds a key to what it means to be human.  It was a huge discovery. I felt this light inside me, like I was connected to something bigger than myself and I was compelled to learn more. Ever since that day I have been nurturing my creative voice with flowers as my medium, all the while holding dear to the metaphors I’d found in a single bloom. With each bloom, I’d better understand myself and realize the woman I am. I am woman. I’m divine.



I Am Woman

As flowers opened up a window to my soul, they empowered me!  They connected me to life and death, beauty and sorrow, fragility and strength, resilience and vulnerability.  In flowers, I discovered my secrets and my truths.  I would teach my son these same truths and I would find confidence as an artist.



As I write these words I am also chanting the Emmy Meli song, “I am Woman”


“I am woman, I am fearless

I am sexy, I'm divine

I'm unbeatable, I'm creative

Honey, you can get in line

I am feminine, I am masculine

I am anything I want

I can teach you, I can love you

If you got it goin' on”


A girl with flowers - on Thursd

My World 

Recently, I was asked to create something from the heart. It didn’t take me long to find inspiration because inspiration is everywhere in flowers. Like the words of Georgia O’Keeffe, “When you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it's your world for the moment. I want to give that world to someone else.”  My world for the moment are the people around me whom I love and care for. The ones that I nurture; the ones that give me purpose; the ones that remind me of who I am.   I am woman. 



Life in Bloom

So I set out to create something ethereal, something empowering and other worldly.  I wanted to create an image of a beautiful young woman surrounded by life in bloom.  It’s a metaphor for a woman finding herself, and discovering her own beauty and allowing her sense of self to flourish, to take over and envelop her.

My Muse

The model is not just my muse. She is even more than that. I see myself in her and I want to give her the world that Georgia O'Keeffe sees also.  I see a girl turning into a woman and allowing herself to believe that, just like the lyrics above, she is anything she wants.  


A girl turning into a woman - design Beth O'Reilly - on Thursd


I Am Woman - I Am Flower

In real life this girl is almost like my own child, for the moment anyways. You see, our family is hosting her as part of an international exchange program. She has become part of our family and so for me the inspiration behind the creation is even more meaningful because this is a person whom my heart wants to see flourish. We created this together, as a team, and I would like to think that somewhere along the process she learned something more about herself than she knew before. All because of flowers. There are so many discoveries to be made in the life of a flower and so many metaphors yet to be discovered. I am Woman; I am Flower!

A girl getting a woman, surrounded with life, with flowers - design Beth O'Reilly - on Thursd

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Beth O'Reilly AIFD

Beth O’Reilly is an internationally recognized floral artist and educator with a passion for connecting people with a love for flowers. She lives in Houston, TX with her son, and husband. Beth was recently featured on Season 1 of “Full Bloom”, a floral competition show streaming now on HBOmax. She is accredited with the American Institute of Floral Designers and a certified Texas Master Florist. She is currently the Marketing and Development Manager for a supplier of fresh cut flowers to national retail chains in the United States and Canada.



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