To Be BFF Is an Honor and a Blessing

When these lilies pop out of their buds, they are just the biggest gifts one can imagine. They bring joy and happiness.

By: MARTIJN SCHEVERNELS | 04-10-2023 | 3 min read
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Gorgeous Bouquet by Martijn Schevernels

The lilies from Bredefleur are an unparalleled choice when it comes to selecting flowers that are not only good but excel in beauty and are perfectly suitable for large-scale bouquets. Let me take you on a journey through the reasons why these lilies are so special and why they are the ideal choice for creating beautiful large bouquets.

My Lily Journey as BFF - The Excellence of Bredefleur

Bredefleur is an expert when it comes to growing lilies. As a BFF (Bredefleur Friend), I can give you some compelling reasons why their lilies like Trebbiano and Grand Amour are considered the 'crème de la crème'.


Excellent Lilies for This Gorgeous Bouquet by Martijn Schevernels

The lilies from Bredefleur are grown with unparalleled craftsmanship. The team of growers has a deep understanding of the needs of these flowers and ensures that each lily is cared for with dedication and precision.

Quality is of paramount importance at Bredefleur. Rigorous quality controls guarantee that only the most perfect and healthy lilies reach their customers. This ensures that every lily they offer is a symbol of unparalleled quality.


BFF and the Excellence of Bredefleur

To Be BFF and Work With These Excellent Lilies Is an Honor


The nursery has a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental awareness. They embrace environmentally friendly cultivation methods and thus contribute to the conservation of our precious natural resources.



The Enchanting Beauty of Lilies

The lilies from Bredefleur are not just beautiful; they are breathtaking. Here are some of the characteristics that define their beauty:


Bouquet With Lilies by Martijn Schevernels

Perfection in Large Bouquets

Adding the lilies from Bredefleur to large bouquets is a brilliant move. Here's why I feel they excel in this role.

Their imposing size is one of the characteristics that makes them extraordinary. The generous dimensions of these lilies make them ideal for large bouquets. They steal the show and form the unmistakable centerpiece of the arrangement.

Besides that, the presence of these lilies in a bouquet enhances the visual impact. They attract attention and add a touch of grandeur and drama to any composition. With a wide range of colors to choose from, you can create bouquets that perfectly match the occasion and theme. The colorful versatility of these lilies makes every creation unique.


Gorgeous Big Bouquet Lilies

So to me, Bredefleur lilies embody the highest standard of excellence and beauty. Their careful cultivation, natural splendor, and suitability for large bouquets make them an undisputed choice for any flower lover who strives for nothing less than perfection. With Bredefleur lilies you can capture the beauty of nature and transform it into an enchanting work of art in the form of a large bouquet that will amaze people. I was honored and flabbergasted that I was given the opportunity to be BFF. Thank you Bredefleur.


The Excellence of Lilies by Martijn Schevernels


Lily Trebbiano and Lily Grand Amour by Bredefleur

These varieties are grown by Bredefleur, and I have not seen them before. I really fell in love with the lines, the dark pollen in the little bit of greenish-colored Lily Trebbiano. It's magical and highlights the entire bouquet. And the double one, Lily Grand Amour, oh my.... isn't it gorgeous? The petals are in so many layers. I must admit, working with these flowers with the combination I chose from my wholesaler with hydrangeas, eucalyptus, ammi majus, grasses, and more, and with that sun shining in my garden, I felt happy and full of energy! That's what flowers do to me. 



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