I Created a Corridor of Gorgeous Greens

This is how I decorated 'The Jungle' gallery with OrcaGreen in a Polish castle.

By: ZBIGNIEW DZIWULSKI | 21-06-2023 | 4 min read
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My design in the Ksiaz Castle honoring Princess Daisy

For those who follow me on my socials or on Thursd, you've seen several of my designs with cut flowers at the beautiful Ksiaz Castle in the region of Silesia in Poland. But there was more in store: gorgeous OrcaGreen foliage to play with. This became yet another highlight of our project at this famous castle.

Once again, the beautiful and majestuous Ksiaz Castle gave me one of the happiest experiences I've lived in my floral design career. This time, I was able to create a spectacular design using some of Adomex's filler foliage and I want to share what this experience was like with all of you flower and green lovers.

Sharing the Story of the Ksiaz Castle to Start This Adventure

Princess Daisy, the most famous resident of Ksiaz Castle, became the protagonist and inspiration for numerous floral and plant decorations during the Flower and Art Festival at Ksiaz Castle. It was the 33rd festival, which attracted thousands of tourists and flower art enthusiasts over five days. Visitors had the opportunity to admire decorations in over forty rooms and spaces within the castle, as well as in front of the castle courtyard, where the largest floral carpet in Poland was created.

Princess Daisy, whose real name was Maria Teresa Oliwia Hochberg von Pless, was born in Wales in 1873 and passed away on June 29, 1943, in the castle's town of Wałbrzych. In 1891, Daisy married Prince Hans Heinrich XV Hochberg of Pszczyna, one of the wealthiest German aristocrats and the then-secretary of the German embassy in London.


Ksiaz castle decor Adomex products


Daisy's ambition was to make Ksiaz Castle a meeting place for crowned heads and influential individuals from all over Europe, and she succeeded in doing so. Her residence primarily attracted young German and English aristocrats who were captivated by the freedom that prevailed in Ksiaz.


The Jungle room at Ksiaz castle



Over time, members of ruling houses from Germany, England, Portugal, Greece, Romania, and Bulgaria, as well as representatives of the Habsburgs, Hohenzollerns, Romanovs, the Viceroy of India, and even the Maharaja of Cooch-Behar, also visited her residence. Polish aristocrats such as the Potocki family from Łancut, the Lanckoronski family, and the Głuchowski family were also among the guests.

Using Some of Adomex's Most Amazing Products for My Design

The princess's numerous exotic foreign travels served as inspiration for the floral decoration in the third-floor corridor of Ksiaz Castle, titled 'The Jungle'. My decoration for this specific event was created using various types of decorative greenery from the OrcaGreen assortment by Adomex in collaboration with Thursd.


Using phoenix roebellini for the Ksiaz Castle decor
This is me, using Phoenix Roebellini for 'The Jungle' room decoration


The base and structure consisted of branches and shrub shoots placed in stable containers. Wetted floral foams were attached to the shoots so that the plants had access to water throughout the festival. The compositions featured the beautiful Phoenix Roebelinii, Monstera Deliciosa, Salal Tips, Cocos Leaf (aka Rabbit Ears), Chico Jumbo Leaf, Leather Leaf, Aralia (Fatsia Japonica), and finally, Beargrass (Xerophyllum Tenax) as well.


The greenery withstood the exhibition conditions exceptionally well. Upon entering the room, visitors could immerse themselves in a world resembling a lush jungle, filled with vibrant greenery. They marveled at the numerous species, occasionally inquiring if the plants were real.


Chicos leaf green fillers
The marvelous 'Chico Jumbo Leaf'


Orchids, specifically cymbidiums, complemented the overall arrangement, accentuating its color palette. The daily care, watering, and misting of the arrangement ensured that the plants looked equally beautiful every day of the festival.


Leather leaf on the bottom left corner
Leather Leaf, Salal Tips, Phoenix Roebelinii, and Cocos Leaf are used in my design


One thing is for sure: I had so much fun decorating such a precious space at the Ksiaz Castle and I would do it again without a doubt! Working with such top-quality filler greens from OrcaGreen also made this experience possible and let me explore my creativity at the moment of designing.


Orca Green Wall at Ksiaz Castle


The success of the entire endeavor would not have been possible without the assistance of the assistants: Małgorzata Wróblewska-Tylus, Magdalena Zukowicz, Magdalena Płoskonka, Anna Plecety, Anna Gliwa, and Piotr Konieczny. I would like to thank the Polish Florist Association and the management of Ksiaz Castle for inviting me to this project and for their trust.


The team that helped me during the event


All photos by Marcin Czech.


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