Visiting Rose Breeder United Selections, What a Colorful Adventure

Let's dive into the beauty of roses now, while sampling some new introductions and established varieties.

By: ROSEMARY KIMUNYA | 01-05-2024 | 3 min read
Rosemary Kimunya at United Selections

In a country celebrated for its diverse flora, the rose stands tall as a symbol of Kenya's floricultural prowess. But before delving into the fields of rose-growing farms, my journey began at a renowned breeding farm: United Selections in the scenic landscapes of Nakuru in Kenya.

As the name implies, United Selections is dedicated to selecting and breeding new rose varieties across the globe. Their main hub and research center is based in Kenya, with commercial operations spread across Kenya, Ethiopia, Ecuador, Colombia, the Netherlands, and a network of agents.

Welcome to the Colorful World of United Selections

To stay ahead of market trends, they offer a diverse array of rose varieties to cater to the ever-growing and changing tastes and occasions. From delicate hues to bold shades, every rose bears the hallmark of carefully thought selection.


United Selections
A picture with team United, Process Manager, Lars Schalkers, Sales Manager, Elvis Musyoka


I was privileged to check their offering and experience some of the latest novelties, including Rose Purple Serenade, Nova Vita, Premium Red, Pink Wave, Rise & Shine, and Spray Rose Snowy Blossoms.

Rose Purple Serenade

Rose Purple Serenade is a standout beauty, with an aura for attention with its feminine color captivating presence. It truly serenades any space it graces.


United Selections
Rose Purple Serenade taking the spotlight


Rose Nova Vita

Rose Nova Vita is not your average white rose — it boasts large, pristine petals that exude purity, loyalty, and authentic sentiments.


United Selections
Premium white rose, Rose Nova Vita


Great for bridal decor or bouquets, to add a fairy tale touch to wedding settings. Rose Nova Vita is readily available and already established in the market

Rose Premium Red

This premium red rose embodies elegance, with its velvety petals emanating a bold and classy. This is your ideal symbol of profound love and romance, for expressing affection with its rich hue and timeless charm.

So charming, it inspired me to create a spontaneous picnic set up for two, basking in the ambiance of its allure.

Rose Pink Wave

Rose Pink Wave with its elegant and almost mystical color, captivates the eye with its enchanting deep pink glowing from the inside and fading on the outside, hues that seem to dance in the light. 


United Selections
Admiring the beauty of Rose Pink Wave


Rose Rise & Shine

Being a bright yellow-colored rose, Rose Rise & Shine is like a burst of sunshine captured in a flower to exude warmth and a smile to anyone's face. Its vibrant yellow hues symbolize novelty and creativity.

Spray Rose Snowy Blossoms

From its blossoms brand of spray roses, United Selections white spray rose, Snowy Blossoms is a classic white spray rose variety, that is probably every florist's dream, with its beautifully clustered spray roses on each stem, creating a lush and luxurious appearance in any arrangement.

Meet United Selections at the IFTEX 2024

As the annual IFTEX approaches, I urge you not to miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of United Selections. Get ready to admire a palette of colors and varieties. Be sure to visit their stand and immerse yourself in their world of roses. United Selections will be exhibiting during this year's IFTEX at booth B5.01


United Selections
Holding a bunches of Roses; Nova Vita, Rise & Shine, Purple Serenade, Premium Class, and Snowy Blossoms



United Selections banner

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