Top Six Indoor Plants to Decorate Your Student Apartment With

Plants are wonderful things – they are good for your health and make great study buddies. Here are six indoor plants perfect for college dorms.

By: LEON EDMUNDS | 20-10-2021 | 6 min read
Indoor Plants

By now, everyone knows that plants are good for your health. We’ve all heard the advice to go outside and get some fresh air. What if you can’t? What if you need to stay in and study? Here are our top six indoor plants for college dorms to bring nature to you.

These Indoor Plants Are Perfect For Your College Dorm


Dracaena Fragrans Massangeana is an ideal choice when it comes to student room ideas. This plant is very easy to care for, and as a bonus, will purify the air for you. You get the benefits of cleaner air and something nice to look at, perfect for apartments for rent in palm bay fl.


Top Six Indoor Plants to Decorate Your Student Apartment With001 Top Six Indoor Plants to Decorate Your Student Apartment With002
A Massangeana plant is a good first choice for anybody looking for some indoor greenery. This plant loves indirect light and shade, so it does well indoors. You can leave the plant with very little supervision. It stores water, so it only needs to be watered every so often. You only need to feed it once or twice a month. It is a slow-growing plant, so ideal for a temporary situation. Massangeana plants have very bright green and yellow leaves. They will brighten up any living space you put them in! You will definitely be happier when seeing this plant in your dorm. Try and get hold of one today – you won’t regret it for a moment.
Plants are not only gorgeous decorations but they're also recognized to reduce stress and boost productivity. So if you're capable of completing college assignments on your own, you may not need a help from term paper writing expert. Some plants, on the other hand, are better suited for a dorm room than others.

Peace Lily

Ah, the peace lily. Beloved of all those who like the movie Hot Fuzz! There are at least four different kinds of peace lilies out there. They are all smaller indoor plants, which do quite well in individual pots. If you are looking for college student bedroom decorating ideas, then a peace lily would be a good place to start. You get all the benefits of a plant, without having to sacrifice much of your limited space. Peace lilies grow to around 45cm.  


Top Six Indoor Plants to Decorate Your Student Apartment With Peace Lily
Peace lily via @delianaig


Peace lilies purify the air around them, so they are a good choice for an oppressive student bedroom. On the other hand, they can be a bit more work than other plants. They do require regular watering, and they also need humidity as well. You will need to decide for yourself whether you can handle those needs. Remember that peace lilies are toxic – keep an eye on animals and small children if they are nearby.


Anthurium plants are good dorm plants for people in colder areas. Unlike peace lilies and other flowers, this plant can tolerate temperatures in the lower teens regularly.  


Top Six Indoor Plants to Decorate Your Student Apartment With Anthurium
Picture via @heyheysundays


Anthurium plants can take shade, and indirect light, but not full sun. This makes it a good plant for someone who is moving in and out of student dorms. Just be aware that that will affect how the plant grows. Less sunlight means that the plant will grow slowly, and more will make it grow faster. Anthurium plants work as both outdoor and indoor plants. If you get one of them, then you can plant it in your garden once you leave your student dorms behind! If you do get one of these plants, be sure to keep it away from anything that can’t be wet! Anthurium plants need to be in soil that drains properly. If it is overwatered, then that extra water will drip down onto your possessions! And your plant will die too, of course.

ZZ Plant

Zanzibar plants, or ZZ plants, are one of the most popular plants out there. It’s easy to see why. They are small, with deep green leaves that are very pleasant to look at.  


Top Six Indoor Plants to Decorate Your Student Apartment With005 Top Six Indoor Plants to Decorate Your Student Apartment With006


A ZZ plant would be a very good plant for college students because it doesn’t grow to a huge size. It is also good for keeping the air clean – in fact, NASA did a study that indicated it was good for removing heavy pollutants from the air. If you bring this plant into your life, you will definitely breathe a little easier! ZZ plants, like peace lilies, are toxic. They aren’t dangerous but don’t eat them, keep them out of the reach of children and dogs, and wear gloves when handling them. Otherwise, ZZ plants are quite easy to look after. It doesn’t need specific soil, and you only need to feed it once a month. Water your plant when it feels dry, and make sure to keep it out of direct sunlight. ZZ plants can handle anything from low-level to bright sunlight, so long as it is indirect.

Sago Palm

Cyca Revoluta – the sago palm – is very popular as a college plant because of how easy it is to look after it. The light green, feathery foliage makes for an unusual-looking plant. You will never get tired of looking at it.  


Top Six Indoor Plants to Decorate Your Student Apartment With Sago Palm
Image via @crookedrootsdesign


Sago plants prefer bright light (stick them in your window), but they can tolerate lower light levels. They also don’t need to be watered too often, as they can kill the plant root. If you want to encourage your sago palm to bloom, then you should add a monthly fertilizer feed to your routine. You should bear in mind that this is no guarantee of flowers. It can take up to fifteen years for a sago palm to flower. Make sure to check your sago palm for yellowing leaves. In most cases, this is simply a case of the leaves getting older. They do eventually go yellow and drop off. If your new growth is going yellow, that is a sign that something is wrong. You may need to up your fertilizer feeding.

Philodendron Scandens

Philodendron Scandens is known as the Sweetheart plant due to the shape of its leaves. It would make a good addition to any room decoration, not just student room decoration. A common way to pot this plant is a hanging basket. The plant then grows in such a way that the leaves hang over the edge for maximum effect. It also frees up space on the ground or table that would otherwise be taken up by a plant pot.  


Top Six Indoor Plants to Decorate Your Student Apartment With008 Top Six Indoor Plants to Decorate Your Student Apartment With009
The sweetheart plant looks gorgeous, and having one around to look at will make you happy. It also works to purify the air, keeping your living space that much nicer. This plant is a little more work than others, as you need to keep the soil moist at all times. Otherwise, it is very easy to care for.

Green Thumbs

Hopefully, this article on indoor plants for dorms has given you some ideas. Plants are wonderful things – they can totally change a living space! If you aren’t sure where to start, don’t worry. Just take things slowly. Get one plant, and try it in different areas. It gets easier from there.

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