Visiting Richard's RichPlant

I was invited by Richard Scheffers, a visionary leader dedicated to crafting exquisite products.

By: PETER VAN DELFT | 08-04-2024 | 2 min read
Visiting Richplant

This week I visited one of Decorum's major growers, Richplant. I was invited by Richard Scheffers, a visionary leader dedicated to crafting exquisite products. With a rich history spanning over four decades, Richard started in 1983, growing pot plants on an 8500 m2 plot along the Poeldijksepad in Honselersdijk.

In the pursuit of new varieties, RichPlant expanded its horizons, venturing into diverse cultivations such as Gardenia Jasminoides and later also Spathiphyllum. Over the years, the company grew, relocating to a sprawling 60,000 m2 facility along the Grote Achterweg in Naaldwijk.

RichPlant takes pride in its team of dedicated employees, some of whom have been part of the company for over three decades. Their unwavering commitment and expertise form the backbone of the company, enabling Richard to realize his vision.


Visiting Richplant


Unveiling Nature's Masterpieces

One of RichPlant's crowning achievements is the cultivation of Gardenia Jasminoides, a blossoming plant, renowned for its delicate white flowers and enchanting fragrance. Richplant stands as the sole provider of this exquisite specimen, a testament to its dedication to excellence because it is not an easy plant to grow. Astatic people in Europe love it because it reminds them of home. Richplant sells 1 million Gardenia plants every year. In 2 pot sizes.

Beyond Gardenia Jasminoides, RichPlant offers a plethora of exclusive seasonal plants, including Caladium, Euphorbia Milii, Iresine in 3 colors, Crossandra Fortuna, Jatropha Multifida, Jatropha Podagrica, Curcuma Siam, Aphelandra, Plumeria, Strelitzia, and Starcluster. Each plant tells a tale of artistry and craftsmanship, captivating the hearts of flower enthusiasts across Europe.



The Heart of the Trade

RichPlant boasts strong ties with the floral trade, with 85% of their transactions conducted directly. Orders come in during the whole day, mainly with mixed orders, so it is not easy to do. Their offerings are also on Floriday, attracting many buyers around the globe.

A particular favorite among patrons is the Plumeria Hawaiian, renowned for its vibrant hues of small flowers and intoxicating fragrance. Every type has its fragrance, they now cultivate white, pink, and purple. Although Richard would love to offer 15 different types, this is not yet possible, because the cultivation poses its challenges. 


Visiting Richplant


Navigating the Path Forward

As RichPlant charts its course into the future, Richard envisions greater collaboration with fellow Decorum growers. Embracing the spirit of innovation and sustainability, RichPlant remains committed to navigating the ever-changing landscape of regulations and challenges, ensuring a flowering future for generations to come.


Richard Scheffers
Richard Scheffers
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