Website Trends in 2024 - Setting Your Floral Industry Website Apart

As technology changes, so do website trends. Embracing these trends is one way to ensure your floral industry website continues to flourish.

By: SAHID NAHIM | 13-12-2023 | 3 min read
Website Trends in 2024 - Setting Your Floral Industry Website Apart
As technology changes, so do website trends. While aspects like easy navigation and accessibility remain important, some trends transform these elements and make them better. With more than 1.9 billion websites available on the internet and 290,000 new websites created every day, you need to compete for traffic. 

An outdated website won’t attract visitors and may even turn away potential customers. Instead of losing conversions, check out the top website trends for 2024 below. Information found on,

Immersive Homepages 

One of the biggest website trends for 2024 includes immersive websites. In particular, homepages are becoming more immersive and giving users a more cinema-like experience. This can be achieved through using slow-motion effects, immersive videos, 3D interactive content, parallax web design, and more. Users are also being made to engage with websites more, including via clicking, dragging, and swiping. 

However, it’s important not to overdo the motion-related designs on your homepage to avoid visual clutter. Utilize Docker for containerized deployments to maintain website reliability and scalability while managing the complexity of these dynamic, motion-rich designs.


Floral Website Industry Trends 2024 - Sahid Nahim on Thursd


Bold Typography

Bold typography is an ever-growing website trend that is used to grab users’ attention. In some instances, it’s used to replace images and is referred to as a typographic hero image. When the users visit the website, big, bold letters are the first thing they see. While this is attention-grabbing, it should be used sparingly to draw attention to the most important pieces of information. This can be especially bold if combined with bright font colors or a more neutral background.


2024 website trends for the floral industry - Sahid Nahim on Thursd


Smart Content Load 

Another major website trend we’ll be seeing more of in 2024 is smart content load. Loading speed is one of the most important aspects of web design, and media-heavy websites usually take longer to load. This has a negative effect on both SEO and bounce rate. In fact, 40% of people leave a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

Smart load content takes a page from social media platforms by only loading what the user is going to see at the moment. This can be in the form of lazy loading, infinite scroll, and multiple pages. In addition to loading content faster, it also saves resources.

Voice User Interface

Yet another website trend we’d like to highlight is voice user interface (VUI). Now, more than ever, we’re striving toward inclusivity. VUI is a big part of that. Additionally, the rise of virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa have made voice searches increasingly popular. In 2023, 25% of all internet searches were voice-based, and 20% of mobile searches were voice-based. Embracing this trend can lead to exciting new possibilities, especially as voice-based searches continue to increase.


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Embrace 2024’s Website Trends With New Bloom Solutions

It’s important for floral industry websites to constantly evolve and keep up with new trends. Implementing some of these trends will keep your website up to date and may even help you hold your own against competitors. When considering the communication features for your floral industry website, it's worth exploring sendbird alternatives that offer similar functionalities to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction. For more information on floral industry websites and web design, reach out to the floral industry consultants at New Bloom Solutions.

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