You Are Invited to a Colombian Wedding!

Bienvenido a Colombia!

By: SAVANNAH STELWAGEN | 11-09-2019 | 2 min read

Bienvenido a Colombia!

You are about to experience a real traditional wedding in Colombia. The catholic religion still is highly present in Colombia. Most people you encounter will be catholic. This is noticeable by the way they get married, as it all happens very traditionally.
Photo: La Libreta Morada

The engagement

The woman is being asked her hand by her partner at a nice venue or restaurant with a beautiful ring. After the couple is officially engaged they hold a family gathering where they bring the news to their loved ones. This is the exciting moment at which the father of the bride-to-be is asked for his blessing. Both the bride and the groom have their bachelor(ette) parties, each with their own friends.

You may now kiss the bride

The big day has finally come! It’s early morning when the bride wakes up without her groom by her side. The couple has spent the night apart. Of course it is bad luck for the groom to see his bride before the ceremony. They both spend time with their families to get dressed and ready to tie the knot. The moment has arrived… the groom may now see his beautiful bride for the first time in her lace white dress. You’ll see most brides will be wearing white at their wedding. Many of the floral designs also come in white. Flowers that are often used are white garden roses, such as Patience from David Austin, alongside with Gypsophila Excellence, often filled with Eucalyptus Baby Blue foliage. Mind you if you ever get invited to a real Colombian wedding – guests aren’t allowed to wear white! The day starts with a ceremony often held at the church where the couple is officially married. Colombian weddings are a real treat for any flower lover. Brides do not hold back with the decorations. The church, the arch, the bridesmaids, the bouquet.. there are flowers everywhere! The style is traditional with lots of flowers as mentioned above; roses, gypsophila, and foliage in white and vintage colors.
Photo: The Stewarts Roam

Let’s get this party started

After the emotional and serious part of the wedding, it is now time for fun! You have arrived at the reception and party where there is lots of food, and again, lots of flowers. Centerpieces are made up in a traditional romantic style. It’s time for the bride to take off her heels and celebrate. The first dance is reserved for dad!
Photo: La Libreta Morada

And they lived happily ever after..

All good things come to an end. The two newlyweds are the first to leave the party to start their honeymoon. The party continues until everyone is exhausted from dancing. Thanks for coming and have a good trip back home!
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