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A strong and known culture

A strong and known culture form from the variety schefflera arboricola is the Compacta. The schefflera belongs to the family of the araliaceae. It needs year-round a moist environment and a warm spot with lots of light. This evergreen plant grows naturally in Taiwan, where they grow in the higher situated areas. Therefore the plant endures a bit colder rooms, especially in the winter the plant can be placed in a cool room. However, Compacta needs less light than the Gold Capella but likes a moist environment. Make sure that the potting soil becomes not too wet, to prevent the roots from rotting. Place the plant in a spot where it has the space for an optimal tropical feeling. The plant can be placed outside in the summer. It needs lots of light, partial shade, with a temperature of 16–18°C. During the winter period 12-16°C. Avoid cold air. Potting soil is allowed to dry out a little. Water the plant twice a week. Spray the plant occasionally with water. During the growth season (spring-summer), fertilize two times per month, during the winter 1 time per 2 months.

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